How to Write Like the Pros :10 Winning Tips for SEO Copywriting

image: How to Write Like the Pros :10 Winning Tips for SEO Copywriting

The old methods of SEO are long, gone, and now both Google and your website visitors want to see good, quality content. Sure, the content can be keyword optimized, but if it is low quality, Google won't rank the site and visitors won't come back.

Answer questions

Prospects are likely searching for questions related to your products or services. Make their search easier by optimizing your web pages to answer their questions.

Google+ and authorship

Google+ has implemented the authorship tool which will become a key player in the SEO game. Be sure to set up a Google+ account to take advantage of the authorship tool.

Content sharing

Sharing your content not only can be of the best ways to increase qualified traffic, it can also enhance your SEO efforts; the search engines take into account social shares and buzz around a website.

Enhance your keyword bank

Search engines use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to deliver the most relevant search results to the user. The use of synonyms, related keywords, and grammatical variations can help to get your page on the SERP.

Explore related keywords

The addition of ~ before a keyword will result in a display of related keywords that Google finds relevant in the relation to your query. Now you can see how people are searching same thing with different keywords, use these keywords in your web pages to increase the relevance of your content.

In depth, quality content catches the big fish

Don't write lengthy content just to please the search engine spiders, rather write detailed, quality content to help your website visitors and to engage with them.

Utilize long tail keywords

Long tail keyword typically have better conversion rates. This is because they have lower competition value and the people who are searching for them are often more qualified.

Cautionary keyword density

Cramming keywords where they don't belong can do more harm than good. Keywords are certainly vital for your website's success, but they should go where they fit naturally.

Enhance title and meta tags

Title and meta tags show in the search engine result pages(SERP) and furthermore, they serve as the only content persuading prospects to click.

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