5 Things To Do When You Don't Have Any Ideas What To Blog About

5 things to do when you don't have any ideas what to blog about : image

Even if you are an experienced blogger and a very creative person, sometimes it happens that you can't find any ideas concerning what to write your next blog post about. It's not surprising: a person is not a robot, and he can't generate really cool ideas all the time. Even if your blog is of an exact niche, and you write about a particular field, it may become really boring one day, both for you and your audience. We all like reading interesting and nontrivial information, don't we?

As a result, you feel yourself lost. You delay your post writing or try to come up with at least something to write about. As far as you understand, it's not a very good idea, because it's very difficult to write when you don't have any inspiration at all. But there are some things you can always use as an idea for your next post without a fear to lose your blog niche. People like reading about it, so let's check some of them at least for you to avoid the problem next time.


As we all know, people are visual, and they all like multimedia, pics, infographics and videos in particular. Why not to use them at your blog when you don't have any ideas to write a post about? Just spend some time to find an interesting and unusual pic that fits your blog well and post it instead of long articles from time to time. Believe us, your readers will consider it as a good idea, especially if your pic will be catchy.
One more example to vary your content is infographics, which are very popular nowadays. Just take a couple of points, add some pictures of your own – and that's it!


When you don't know what to write about, write about what happens around you: in your city, country, or even in the whole world. Share your opinion with your readers concerning this or that event, ask them to comment what they think about it, etc. It's not difficult at all, and very often news can bring you some very interesting ideas for your future posts.
The main thing here is to understand that news becomes old so fast, that is why just use a timely manner to post them.


People always like talking about their pets, or just about some cute animals in general. We all know this hysteria about cats on the Web: they are like kings of the Internet content already. So, even if you don't have a pet yourself, you can always write some interesting info about them: funny stories, a dog on a skateboard, unusual pets, a cat who can sing, and so on and so forth...
Your audience will definitely like reading such posts, and they will definitely comment on them, telling stories about their own pets or a pet of their friends. Certainly, if your blog is about techs or SEO, posting cats all the time wouldn't be a very good idea, but you can try it once or twice at least just to vary the content a little bit.


Well, we think that you don't need any comments here. All people like entertainment, so this is a perfect method to get some traffic for your blog if you write on this topic from time to time. There is so much information about movies, celebs, music... No problems will be met to come up with ideas what to write about here.
Tell about a movie you've watched yesterday, give your own review, reveal its strong and weak points – there are no doubts that your readers have their own opinion as for it, and they will reply to share this opinion with you. As a result, you will have a post written plus new comments and traffic for your blog.


It sounds strange, isn't it? To write about writing? Anyway, be sure that a majority of your readers tried writing once at least, or they are your fellow bloggers who may read your articles to find an inspiration for their own posts for. So, they will not miss a post about some tips or tricks that can help them improve their writing.
Share your own experience, tell some tricks you use to improve your posts or attract new visitors to your blog. This topic will always stay popular.

We are sure, you can find many other things to write your posts about. Internet users always like reading about relationship, love, money, or politics – such topics always cause discussions and motivate them leave comments on your blog and share their opinions with others. Don't forget about nostalgia as well: it's always pleasant for people to read about games they played or shows they watched, favorite toys or movie characters.

Share below infographic with your friends. Happy blogging, and stay creative!

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5 Things To Do When You Don't Have Any Ideas What To Blog About

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