How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Small Business

How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Small Business : image

Are you using Pinterest in your social media strategies. Or still unsure how to use this platform to promote your business. Recently Pinterest introduced business pages to allow marketers to use Pinterest commercially, where you can promote your services and products more effectively. Here are 6 tips for social media marketers to take full advantage of Pinterest to promote their small business.

Create interesting content

A big challenge that companies face with Pinterest is adapting their brand or product to fit the site's layout. Pinterest is a visually driven social media site, chiefly composed of pictures. There is pressure for companies that don't have an explicit visual component to their business, like a real estate agency or lawn service company, to produce unique and professional grade photographs, but this is not the case. Pinterest's atmosphere encourages creativity so even if your pictures aren't the best quality, having a fresh or unique perspective will be more than enough to attract consumers and gain traction.

Think outside of the box

Pinterest users love informative content. Pins showcasing tips on how to guides, infographics, quick tips are repinned constantly. When a consumer feels like they're receiving value without payment, just like a coupon, it builds trust and incentives them to choose your company in the future.

Link all content back to your company website

Pinterest surpassed Twitter in referral traffic. Now third in referral traffic among leading social media sites, behind Facebook and StumbleUpon, Pinterest is a great place to promote your business. To take full advantage of Pinterest's referral potential, pin content to your boards directly from your company's website or blog. This will allow users who click on the pin to visit your site and learn more about the services you offer. The easiest way to store a lot of content or pictures on your website is in the form of gallery.

Engage other by addressing them

Currently, few use the shout out feature on Pinterest. On Facebook, Twitter or Google+ you can use the @ sign to address another user and signify them of a post and Pinterest is no different. To really engage your consumers try it out. Elicit conversation about your content or your consumers content, make connections using the shout out feature in the description or comment box.

Add a price to a pin if the product is for sale

If you put the price of the product in the description of the pin, Pinterest categorize it as a gift. The pin is then added to the gift section which is a feature showcased as its own tab at the top of the site. This opens up a new venue for your content to be viewed.

Really use the description box

Take advantage and use the description box to enhance your content. You have 500 characters to use, make sure to use them well. For instance you can add interesting or behind the scenes facts about the content that the viewer might not see at first, also consider to include a link to your website.

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