6 Secrets Most Businesses Will Never Know About Making Money With Online Video

6 secrets most business will never know about making money with online video: image
In the past year, video content marketing has really taken off in fact, if you're not using video today, you're leaving traffic, leads and sales on the table for your competitors. Because 9 out of 10 searches in Google now include video results. So how to use video to get more traffic, leads and sales? Here are six ways for you to profit, right now, using video marketing.

Putting video on your website cause more people to buy
Want to make more money from your website without spending a penny on advertising. Yeah, us too, which is why we added video and converted 70% more of our visitors into customers. We then sat back and basked in the glory for the rest of the day. Job done.

Video ranks on the first page of Google result much faster than traditional SEO
SEO takes money, time and patience. It's worthwhile, but there is a quicker way that is more likely to have you rank for those highly competitive keywords, Yep, you guessed it. Video.

Get customers selling for you
Reach out to your past customers and ask them for a video testimonial. Post that video content on to your site. YouTube, social media and share them by email. Video testimonials are 10x more effective than written or audio.

"Use the show and tell" sales secret
More people would buy from you if they could come that little bit closer to experiencing your product or service first hand. Demo your product or service on camera so people see what it does.

Educate your market before making the sale and become their trusted adviser
Help your prospective customers to solve a problem that is a real issue for them for free and you will win there trust and the sale. Years ago, if you wanted to give away free information to prospective customers, it would have cost you thousands. Today it's practically free. Did you know you can record, edit and host good quality video from zero cost? More of this later.

Go where your customers are and your competition is not
With over a billion hits per month and a demographic of 18 - 55 plus, chances are your market is on "the mac daddy of online video" YouTube. The question arises that how do most businesses market themselves? Start learning how to market yourself better on YouTube the answer is simple, by copying the competition.

6 Secrets Most Businesses Will Never Know About Making Money With Online Video : infographic

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