How To Rock Social Media In 30 Minutes A Day - #infographic

How To Rock #SocialMedia In 30 Minutes A Day - #infographic

The number of social channels a marketer has to worry about has skyrocketed in the last few years. Where once a marketer should focus on just one or two primary channels, they are now faced with dozens. Many marketers feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers.

So how can the modern marketer run a top notch social campaign and still keep their sanity?

Take a look at below infographic from Pardot team that illustrates how the right plan and automation can save your time and make you more effective on social media.
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How To Rock #SocialMedia In 30 Minutes A Day - #infographic


  1. Infographics provides a quick overview of the content in less time but more memorable because of its easy and simple appeal.

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