How To Optimize Video For Search Engines : Video SEO

Optimizing webpages for search isn't the only way to get your online presence noticed. Creating and publishing search engine friendly videos gives you an interactive advantage over plain text results. Videos are great strategies and alternative for consumers who are not interested in reading content but instead would like to watch their content.

Key elements of VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization)

File name
When saving your video, choose a keyword friendly file name (not the default time stamp assigned by the device). For example change/rename videoplaback.avi to video-for-search-engine-optimization.avi.

Craft an SEO optimized title for your video by suing relevant keywords. Be noticed for showing up first in search, not for forgetting to remove the file extension from your title.
For instance change Helpful Demo.MOV to Latest Guide For Video SEO 

The description is an important part of the video and much attention should be paid to it. The key to optimizing your video description for search is including rich and relevant content with some extra information. Don't forget to include a URL at the beginning of the description with the http:// prefix, otherwise it won't show up as a link. Your description should be keyword rich and can include a full transcript of the video or a description of what it is about.
Warning! Never, ever stuff keywords! It will only reflect upon you negatively. Keyword stuffing angers search engines and confuses viewers.

Don't forget about tags. They allow you to add keywords that wouldn't fit into the description naturally. Tags should be 1-2 words, with each set separated by a comma.

Choosing a category groups your video in with similar videos. This expands the reach of your videos, allowing new viewers to discover them.

Make sure our visibility is set to public. Otherwise, all of your optimization attempts will have been in vain!

Where to post your videos

Now you have a great video, ready to fly. YouTube may be the most popular video sharing site. But it isn't the only one. Here are some best alternatives of YouTube.
Vimeo, Dailymotion, viddler.

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