13 Signs If She Is Flirting With You [infographic]

It can be a difficult situation to figure out the signs, if a girl really flirting with you. Because all females react in the different way. Want to know if she is flirting with you? We are about to tell you. Below infographic illustrate amazing flirting facts and 13 signs, when in doubt, look out of these.
How to know If She Is Flirting With You [infographic]

  1. Eye contact - she is constantly make eye contact with you.
  2. Comes back for more - She will try to get your attention by parading herself back and forth until you've noticed her.
  3. Flirty lips - She will draw attention to her lips with any prop she can find, whether it's a straw from a drink or here fingers.
  4. Corners you - She manages to corner or slip you away from crowd.
  5. Imitation - She mimics your movements as a human instinct and form of flattery.
  6. Hair play - She plays with her hair trying to distracts you from everyone else to get your sole attention.
  7. Touching - She overpasses the 'personal bubble' and goes out on a limb by touching you, it's a powerful physical sign of flirting.
  8. First approaches - She takes a bold first approach to talk to you.
  9. Awing and Oohing - She says "awe" or 'oh' a lot after you do or say something, she thinks you're cute.
  10. Laughs at what you say - She'll flirtatiously laugh to even the most silly things you say.
  11. A cry of help - She'll ask for any sort of assistance from you, this way she'll be including your psychological need to feel like a hero.
  12. Closeness - She is out of her safe zone and remains close to you while during a conversation however be cautions this might not be flirting when in crowded or noisy spaces.
  13. Subtle double meanings - She'll find ways to include double meant phrases in the conversation and most probably with an erotic connotation.

Source: Datingadviceguy.
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