How To Make Your Message Stick For Better Response

Based on Dan and Chip Heath's book "Made to Stick" this informative article will illustrate how to make your message stick for better response.

Keep it simple

You should learn from unfortunate events and turn these negatives things into positive aspects. You're a stronger person for having gone through this, because now you'll be able to deal with this more effectively in the future. Remember what doesn't kill you makes you more stronger.

Be unexpected

I lost weight and got in shape by eating almost nothing but fast food. Jared Fogle lost 245 lbs by subway sandwiches for lunch and supper everyday. Subway marketed his story and more than doubled their income to $8.2 billion. The element of surprise grabs attention, points to gaps in people's knowledge and then fills them.

Be concrete

Mental imagery - vivid descriptions make an impact : Tonight I'm going to rip out the shelves, the sinks, the plumbing and the wiring from innards of my home. Vs. Tonight I'm starting phase one of my home renovation plan.

Visual imagery - Pictures are more effective than dry argument. You're lobbying for Grand Prix to come to London. Draw some CGI mockups of what the race would look like in the city and have them printed in one of London's free local papers.

Physical Demonstration - Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Arguing that certain model of car is unsafe? Then gather a group of safety experts and make your point by blowing one up in front of them. For maximum effect put it on YouTube.

Get Credible

Let your audience test for themselves - 3M demonstrated the strength of their security film by building a glass-walled bus shelter and stuffing what appeared to be 3 million dollars between the security-treated panes. People naturally tried to break the cash out - but couldn't.

Self-Demonstration - In 1984 Barry Marshall decided to prove his theory that stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria by drinking a glass filled with helicobacter pylori. True to his predictions, several days later Marshall had stomach ulcers - which he then cured with anti-biotic - proving his theory correct. Prior to this the scientific community had ignored his findings. In 2005 Marshall was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Transfer credibility from other domains - If you were in charge of logistics for the Olympics, it makes sense to assert that you can organize any other event - this is a trick almost all of us have used at some point in our careers - usually in our CVs under the experience section.

Be emotional

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

MLK made his I Have A Dream speech to persuade Americans on the fence to join the civil rights movement. What do Americans care about with a burning passion? The Declaration of independence. King successfully showed that the country's treatment of ethic minorities was not in keeping with the principles its citizens so passionately believed in. He then used the emotion of optimism to present an alternative and make the overall feel of the speech a positive one, despite the heavy criticisms contained within it.

Tell a story

Espionage in 2009 Colin Greenless gained unauthorized access to a FTSE listed financial institution.

20 minutes later he found a highly confidential document detailing a half billion pound merger.

He remained in the building for five days, letting accomplices in and gathering further information.

His entry was achieved by approaching the swipe-entry lift whilst pretending to be on the phone. It was the company's managing director who held the door open for him.

The moral of that story is to always follow security procedures. Delivered alone this would come across as patronizing - even dogmatic. By presenting this message as a story you let the audience recognize the importance of what you're saying for themselves. As it happens. Colin Greenless had been contracted to test security - had he been engaging in genuine corporate espionage they would likely have never found out about the security breach.

By Wilf Horsfall of Oneleap
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