Research Reveals Mobile Device A Reason Of High Sociability

The leisure industry holds a veritable gold mine of data that when interpreted and used accordingly and can give a lot of distinctive insights into how today’s modern consumers go about their purchasing and recreational options. Collected from a decade’s worth of data, event agency has compiled the findings in the below infographic from a sample size of over 97,000 people.

Who would’ve ever known that a device as simple as a mobile device could already indicate a person’s social girth? Since technology use has been deeply ingrained in today’s psyche, it’s no longer surprising that more and more statistical data are correlating our usage with other, more intangible aspects of our lives.

Case in point is how the study outlined how mobile usage can reveal a person’s average stag group size. Coming in first are iPhone users with more than 15 people in their stag group, followed by Samsung S3 users with an average of 10 to 15. Faring last are Google Nexus users who have an average of five people in their stag group.

More then just one’s mobile devices, predicting which activities will a person go for has also been linked on one’s browser choice. Safari users turned out to be the most social and adventurous due to their inclination to extreme outdoor sports like kayaking, jet skiing and white water rafting among others. On the contrary, Internet Explorer users are content to just go for food and drink activities like traditional meals out, brewery visits and the like.

Relatedly, email use also revealed interesting facts about men’s leisure expenditure for their stag parties. When it comes to expense, the study has revealed that those who use their work emails the most are most likely to spend the highest with a mean amount of £104.62 per person while reversely, AOL users are the lowest to spend with an average paying amount of £92.52.

When it comes to predicting preferred activities, phone network choice has also been linked. The study has shown that Vodafone users prefer lap dance activities while O2 users would rather prefer a night of club hopping. Additionally, Tesco and Virgin mobile users also turned out to be more inclined to go for comedy clubs and pub-crawls, respectively.

For the proportion of strip club bookings by email address, the top users who are most likely to opt for the said activity are as follows in order of highest percentage to lowest: AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail users. AOL users top the list with 25.70%, followed by Yahoo users with 24.62% and Hotmail users with 21.8%.

Average distance travelled is also related with what email a guy uses. It turns out that the most conservative flyers are Gmail users who would rather opt for a local destination for their bachelor party with an average of less than 400 miles of travelling distance while the most adventurous guys are the ones who use their work emails primarily with more than 1,400 miles logged. Coming in second are Hotmail users with a mean of 1,000 miles.

Through the release of this data, we are reminded just how connected our own choices are with technology. From expense considerations to related mobile activities, there’s really a wealth of data that can be gleaned from this kind of findings. See more when you visit!

In addition, the data was able to identify key trends on how a person’s tech use is related to his stag party preference. More than just the data, however, Chillisauce has also hired expert analysts in order to make meaningful interpretations regarding the data. As a digitally based company that puts a premium on the best event and bookings in the industry, it has provided groundbreaking revelations about leisure activities. As the first release of their data, you can be rest assured that there’s plenty more of valuable information to come.
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