5 Sections To Remember When Writing Your Resume

This infographic figures out 5 important sections that you should include while writing your resume.

5 Sections To Remember When Writing Your Resume: infographic

Contact Information:

This should always be first in a font size or blondes that stands out from the rest for easy visibility. If you have social media profiles or a personal website/blog you want to share, this is the place. Including the appropriate information in a clear manner makes a resume perfect.


For you recent graduates, this will be the most crucial section. make sure you include details on/about special courses you took or presentations you gave so this section is not just a list of schools and dates.

Work Experience:

Don't be afraid to include internship or volunteer experience if you are having trouble filing the rest of your page. Elaborate on them with details and strong results of your efforts so employers see their importance.


You are not bragging by putting your achievements in this section. Be honest about the awards you won or positions of esteem you have held so you can show that you strive for success.


Whether you can speak another language or know how to use specialized Computer programs, software and applications, an employer will only know your skills if you list them. Be Sure to avoid listing skills where you are not fully competent.

The over all look and outline of your CV can maximize the chances of getting a job.

Source: Netclarify.com/The-5-Sections-To-Include-On-Your-Resume
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