13 Things We Can Do In 13 Seconds

It seems an awfully less time to do any act or work in 13 seconds. But, there are many things you can do in 13 seconds. Let see this infographic.

13 Things We Can Do In 13 Seconds

Run the 100 meters :

Usain Bolt is the world's fastest Man, for five consecutive years after breaking the world record in 2008, while matching Usain Bolt's 9.58 second world record is out of the question for the average person, running the 100m in 13 seconds is certainly achievable. It's estimated that traveling at a speed of 15.9mph would allow us to do just that.

Update your Facebook status :

Each day around 35 million people inform their online friends about their mood, what they're up to or what they're looking forward to by updating their Facebook status. With the innovation of smartphones and tablets, the process has never been smoother. Top 5 status subjects people mostly share on Facebook are events and activities, family and friends, sports, work and photos/videos.

Make a first impression :

It is estimated that it can take as little as five or 10 seconds to make an instant impression when greeting someone for the first time. Often, these expressions are predominantly based on physical attributes rather than verbal qualities.

Find something, do a Google search :

Thanks to Google's sophisticated algorithm, users are able to discover exactly what they're searching for in a matter of seconds. Google's semantic search results even give you direct answers to queries without navigating to an external web page. For example converting 2 dollars in euro, or 2 + 2 etc.

Send a text message :

Since its emergence in the 1990s, text messaging has become a staple form of communication between friends, family and business associates. Back in 2008, a study claimed that 217 million text messages are sent each day in the UK.

Download an application :

With over 1 billion downloads every month, apps have soared in popularity over the last couple of years - primarily because of the rise in iPhone and android smartphones.

Buy it online now on eBay :

If auction items are available through the 'Buy it now' function, committing to a purchase on eBay can take a matter of seconds - taking away the stress of sourcing the shops.

Make a paper aeroplane :

The curve of all office boredom, create a paper aeroplane and amuse yourself (for a minute or so at least) as it flies across the room. Getting your construction time down to 13 seconds could require practice but it's definitely doable.

Down a pint :

Often used as a forfeit in drinking games during social gatherings - predominantly amongst young people - you may be surprised at how quickly some can devour an alcoholic beverage. Please down your beverages responsibly.

Break the speed limit :

Not that you'd want to, but it's perfectly possible for the average car to go beyond a 30mph speed limit from a stationary position within 13 seconds.

Solve a Rubik's cube puzzle :

If you have lightning reactions then you could consider solving a Rubik's cube. Think 13 seconds is far too short? The current record holder, Feliks Zemdegs of Australia, solved his cube in just 5.66 seconds.

Judge the quality of a website :

Are you aware that you can subconsciously judge the quality of a website/blog and its content within 10 seconds of arriving? That's right, because users are often inundated with poor quality web pages, it is our natural instinct to click away quickly if we aren't immediately aesthetically satisfied.

Break into somebody's homes :

Did you know that a burglar can enter your home in just 13 short seconds? These intruders have the ability to manipulate any type of traditional lock (present in 90% of homes) to gain almost instant access to your residence - and all of your possessions in the process.

13 Things You Can Do In 13 Seconds - An Infographic
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