The Frozen Screen: Computer Prank

Are you looking for a safe-yet-hilarious prank or hack to pull on your unsuspecting friend, buddy or coworker's. Then read this tutorial, written for Windows Operation System (OS).
Imagine your colleague shows up at his desk after a 20-minute break. Everything looks normal. She or he begins to click on desktop icon to bring up a program. It does nothing. Perplexed, She/he shifted his focus to the Start button. It won't start.
Believing his computer is frozen, she/he restarts it. Everything is the same. Just as he furiously reaches for the phone to call tech support, you let out a devious chuckle - score on point for prankster. How to do it?

Ready aim, screenshot
Take a screenshot of your target's computer by pressing the Print Screen or 'Pr SC' button on the keyboard.
Open Microsoft paint, and paste (ctrl+v) the screenshot. Save the image somewhere other than the desktop - and remember where you saved it!

Now, let's make that screenshot the new background image
Right click on the desktop and select Personalize... Find and select your image, ensuring it's the only one selected (you don't want a slideshow). At the bottom of the window, under 'Picture position', choose 'Fill'. Save your changes and the new background will appear.

Naturally, we have to get rid of the real icons
Right-click on the desktop and, under 'View', click 'Show desktop icons' to deselect it. Watch the icons disappear, leaving only your screenshot background. Pretty convincing, right!

Make the start Menu stop...Starting
Our final goal is to keep your associate from being able to click the start button. Since we can't make it disappear and auto-hide it.
First, drag the bottom taskbar to the top of the screen. If it doesn't go willingly, you  may have to right-click it and uncheck the "lock the taskbar" setting.
Then right-click the bar and choose Properties. In the new window, check 'Auto-hide the taskbar'.
The victim can click away, but nothing will happen! Only you will know why. Now, simply find a comfortable place to watch and enjoy. And laugh a little evil laugh. See below image for more help:

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