Say It With Flowers : Impact Of Flowers On Emotions

During the Victorian era, every flower held a special meaning, allowing people to shared secret information through their bouquets. Learn the symbolic meanings behind some of the most popular flowers, and make sure you are sending the right message!

Tulip - Undying love (red) or unrequited love (yellow).

Roses - Friendship (yellow), true love (red), virtue (white).

Daisies - Innocence, purity, simplicity.

Lilies - Purity, sweetness, trust.

Carnation - Love (red), and unrequited love (striped).

Flowers can directly impact emotional well-being, productivity, and even memory. According to studies from Harvard and Rutgers, people receiving flowers in their homes showed: Increased signs of happiness, increased feelings of compassion and kindness towards other in less than a week, decreased feelings of anxiety and negativity, more enthusiasm and energy in the work place. Check out this inforgraphic and learn more about interesting facts that how flowers impact emotions.

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