Partying Lessons In Your Favorite Subjects

Understand the science of partying according to your favorite subjects like physics, maths, bio, etc.

Lesson one Economics - The law of diminishing Beers
If at any point during a party you place a number of beers in the fridge, it is scientifically proven that you will only get to drink half or less of said beers.

Lesson two Physics - Centrifugal Force
As a party's intensity begins to decline, a strong central force will attempt to draw funding from each unite present in order to pay for party supplies and drinks. This will result in all units being pushed as far away from the cheapness of all the central force.

In this trigonometric theorem, 'A' represents your annoying friend who is slowly approaching you, and 'B' represents a bunch of brothers headed towards the beer. Knowing this information, we can then assume that "A squared + B squared = The amount of conflict you will have in actually ever reaching the keg.

Advanced Physics - Schrodinger's Pizza
As long as a pizza box remains closed, it exists in a quantum state where it both does and does not contain pizza. Until you open it, then it definitely doesn't contain pizza.

Biology - Homeostasis
In order to maintain a perfectly balanced system of loneliness, you sit alone in your apartment as opposed to going out. Modern scientists actually debate the legitimacy of this practice, science Biology is considered to be the study of life and you clearly don't have one.

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