Money 101 For Parents, Teens And Kids

Parents face numerous dilemmas about their kids and their kids' money: how much allowance to pay, when to open their bank accounts, how to teach the value of a dollar/rupee. Opinions and approaches may vary, but saving for a rainy day is always smart, money management for teenagers is basically the same as for adults. Here's why.

Save for a rainy day

A healthy personal finance plan starts with an action many of us struggle with: saving. From the time your kids are old enough to express their own desires, try to teach them how to save for items big or small.

Demonstrate your work

From early on, your child should understand that money isn't something to receive for free but something to earn by working hard for it.

Understand budgets

Children should understand that Mom and Dad have limited funds to use each month. By learning about budgets - what they are. how they work, and why they're important - kids start employing these ideas with their own money.

Compound interest or invest

Saving money every day is great - but you can earn even more through compound interest. Talk with your kids about how money earns interest over time and helps an account grow faster. For Muslims children there are pure Islamic bank exists that work without any kind of interest or use online/offline trade investing and profit sharing companies.

Be careful with credit

Credit cards are great tools for a healthy financial lifestyle - but, of course, they're not free money. Teens need to know that from the start, and that to use a credit card, they need to plan carefully. Or parents should apply or tell their kids about their monthly limit.

See below infographic to know where teens stash their cash, who spend the most and where does it all go and some tips?

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