Landing Page Sins That Should Be Avoided

Landing page are designed to compel your website visitors to convert and collect information. Where a good landing page can compel visitors to convert, a bad landing page will have exactly the opposite effect. It minimizes your chances of getting customers.

Landing Page Sins That Should Be Avoided

No keyword Friendly URL

Unless it's a contact us page or an about us page, always try to include a keyword in both the URL and the title name of the landing page. For example if your company specialized in house lifting, a landing page by the name of house lifting services would be much better instead of just services.

No navigation

This is a debatable topic when it comes to website in general but it's a no brainer when it comes to e-commerce sites. There are advantages of including and not including the home page link on each landing page. However it is an absolute must for e-commerce website to allow customers the flexibility to browse different products and models. Not including relevant links means that your visitors are not likely to explore your website more.

No call-to-action

Another fairly common mistake is not adding a call-to-action on landing page. Call to action is a must from a marketing perspective, especially on landing pages that are talking about company products and/or services. Don't just add a Contact Us button, make sure an action specific phrase backs up the call to action or offer an incentive!

No enough content

A landing page has to be adequately populated with content. Not enough content and way too much empty space creates a negative impact on the viewer as they are more likely to move to a different page, or worst, a different website altogether.

Poorly structures content

Just writing a couple of paragraphs is not enough. A landing page has to 'look' appealing and one way to do it is through properly structured content. Not including heading (like H1, H2, H3 or sub-heading/minor-heading), bold/italic/underline/colored text, and internal links makes the page look lackluster.

NO images or videos

Let's face it. This is the visual age. Viewers respond to images, pictures and videos. However more and more people seem to be content with a few paragraphs and hold bold headings. That might be sufficient in some cases but not enough to win over visitors. If your landing page can make use of a video or pictures to better represent your services, then it should have it.

Not Representing the brand

Brand remodeling is one of the primary goals of every marketing campaign. A nifty website is just one avenue to pursue it. As such landing pages not focusing on the brand are essentially setting themselves up for failure, not having fulfilled one of the key objectives of their marketing campaign.

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Landing Page Sins That Should Be Avoided
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