What Happens With Your Body When You Stop Working

All Sit And No Work Makes Jack A Dull Boy! Do you ever think that what actually happens to your health and body when you stop exercising? Here is a good timeline that explains how significantly your body can alter each month or week when you stop workout.

1 Week - 1 Month

Metabolism - Almost straight away your metabolism starts to slow down from inactivity and your muscles start to reduce in size. If you do not burn off the food that you consume it will gradually start to store as fat within the body.

1 Month

Endurance - Aerobic conditioning is thought to drop quickly and your endurance levels are considered to slow after just a few weeks.

1 to 3 months

Muscular strength - Studies have shown that you're likely to return to a pre-exercise level after only a 4 - 12 week break.

3-6 months

Weight gain - At this stage weight gain is particularly apparent with every 3500 calories that are not burnt converting into adding around a pound in weight. If your daily workout burned around 500 calories and your diet remained the same, then after 3 to six months you are likely to gain around 12 to 24 pounds in weight.

6 to 9 months

Blood pressure - With an increase in weight and a reduction in cardiovascular activity, you are at risk of an increase in blood pressure and more at risk of serious diseases such as diabetes type 2 and heart diseases.

9 - 12 months

Depression - Your mental health can suffer as a lack of exercise or workout can affect your self esteem and cause social isolation. You also will be lacking in the production of serotonin and endorphins necessary to help elevate your mood which aid to deter you from depression.

Year onwards

Bones and strength - As we age and over time we need to work harder to maintain our body fitness, if muscle groups are not continuously developed than they will weaken. Also in the absence of weight bearing activity the bones are more susceptible to becoming brittle and you will be more at risk of osteoporosis.

Source : simplysupplements

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