A Short Review To SEO Factors

Here are top tips and facts that can help bloggers and webmasters write an appealing search engine optimization for their blog or website.

Identify the target audience - Know who you are writing for and what they are looking for. Focus all their needs.

Profitable keyword research - Your campaign can't begin without it. Settle your final list of buying keywords with the help of Google keyword tool, SEMrush.com, seobook tools and wordtracker.

Keyword variation and longtail terms - This can enhance your copy SEO. Use synonyms, related terms and long tail keywords with the help of Google suggestions, visit hittail.com, twitter trend and Google insight to get best ideas.

Keyword based headline with a catch - Your campaign can't begin without it. Settle your final list of buying keywords with the help of Google keyword tool, SEMrush and wordtracker.

First and last 50 words are hot - Get your highest priority keywords) within the first 50 words using best of your writing skills and common sense.

Kiss and Engage with them - Keep it simple and short. Be precise, focused, straightforward and relevant throughout. Be interesting and maintain flow. Be logical with examples, facts and figures.

No Fooling around with search engines - Their algorithms are specially designed to detect duplicate, spam and even rehearsed content. Written primarily for your audience and then for search engines. make your content worth sharing.

Avoid complicated sentences - Readers do not expect Victorian English. They like to read quickly in simplest English.

1% keyword density - Avoid spamming with keywords. They should be never felt. Seasoning works better than anything. Use synonyms.

Humor is essential - Break monotony with dry humor. It will keep your reader engaged, too. Try using keywords with humor rich sentences and teasers.

Use bullet points - Points make skimming easier while allowing you to add some keywords in straight points.

Create a personal touch and finish with flair - Readers respond better to conversational pitch. Sign off in style and don't miss a chance to use your highest priority keyword here. readers wouldn't mind it.

Proof read with a coffee - Take a coffee break. Take on the article. Fix errors and typos. Weed out or add the keywords if needed to confirm the flow.

Step by Step 13 Points SEO Copywriting Guide Infographic : A Short Review To SEO Factors

Source : Econtentaxis.com/blog/step-by-step-13-points-seo-copywriting-guide.html


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