How To Deal With Your Children's Internet Safety: 6 Tips For Parents

Including kids we are spending more time surfing the web than ever before. There are thousands of useful websites and things we can do online, but along with information and learning plenty of threats are growing on the internet as well. According to the Crimes Against Children Research Center program 10% of U.S teenagers who regularly use the internet say they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation via email or from other sources. Solicitation is an offer to engage in porn activities/talk, or to provide personal sexual information.
Although more parents are using filtering, blocking and monitoring software, youth exposed to unwanted porn material has increased substantially from their survey five years ago. As majority of youngsters hide their online behavior, so here are 6 essential tips for parents on how to deal with their children's internet safety.

Set A Cut Off Time - Set a time of night that kids need to get off the computer/internet and (especially) Smartphone/mobile for the day.

Social Media - Kids really don't need to be on social media until a certain age or maturity. Decide when that is and talk to them about connecting with people they don't know on social networking sites.

Email - Talk to your kids about email and spam messages before they start using it. Make sure they know to come to you if they are ever asked for personal information from an unknown address or site.

Online Chat - Teach and talk to kids about only chatting with friends they know on instant messenger and online chats.

Join In! - Even if you're no good, join in with your kids in online games sometimes. Take this time to talk to them about interacting with people online if a good opportunity comes up.

Bookmarks - For young children, you may want to give them a set lists of sites that they can visit.

Stay Safe And Have Fun - Keep these things in mind to help your kids have the best internet experience possible. You can't prevent everything, and you don't want to scare them, but you can minimize the dangers online to keep your kids safe. Install surveillance filters this is free software or you can buy paid applications like :

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