5 Tips: How To Love Your Job

You have a work in a company and in a tough economy. Congratulation! You are lucky one, many people out there are looking for a job but still unemployed. If you hate what you're working, yet you keep doing it, because you need the benefits, money and everything else. NO matter what is the reason of unhappy employment, you can improve your job-life by implementing some simple strategies. Here's a graphic illustrating 5 best advises and work strategies that will help you to love your job.

I love Mondays - #infographic

Find the culture that fits your style
A general manager once that asked me why I use the word culture and to explain what I meant. At that very moment I realized I was in wrong place. Culture consists of values, integrity, trust and transparency from how decisions are made to how people are rewarded on the job. A good cultural fit is critical for anyone to be happy and successful at work. Ask questions in your interview that will reveal the true nature of the business you are joining. Make sure the people from the top down believe in the same values you do.

Find your passion
Deeply search your soul to find out what you enjoy most about working. Are you more creative? More strategic or well designer? Know yourself and what you are good at. Take a good look at your skills, talents, and interests, to find something you really enjoy doing every day. Passion is important in order to live the life you were meant to. If you don't know what your passion is, try new things. Train, think, and explore in your spare time. Once you find passion you'll march to the music of life and work will be fun once again - so much fun that it won't feel like you're working at all!

Hang with positive people
Choose the people you want to around each day. Avoid negative people and those who gossip. look for people who have the same level of integrity that you, chances are they're not the right people to be around. Find the coworkers you like and can trust. Enjoy spending time with them. Collaborate together with three things in mind; the business, the team, and yourself - in that order. And most importantly, help others when they need you. Helping coworkers is a great way to feel good and earn trust and respect in return.

Take breaks
Breaks are the wonderful thing. They rejuvenate your spirit and reinvigorate your soul! Don't skip lunch or middy breaks. Let's face it, overworked people get cranky. We all need time on a daily basis and challenge ourselves throughout the day. If your boss has lunch brought to your desk to keep you in your seat working, chances are it's the wrong place to work. If you're smart and work efficiently and still find yourself working long hours, there are two reasons: Poor workflow processes or the head count is low and the company has a sweat-shop mentality. Either way get out.

It sounds so simple, I know. Pretty hard to think negative thoughts while you are smiling. If you find yourself in a dreary situation at work, just take a long breath and smile. You'll be surprised at tingly feeling in your gullet. After a smile I guarantee the next words that come out of your mouth will be happy, kind or benevolent words. Working in an agency environment is always tense. I found when I smiled, my thoughts took a 180` turn. A sales representative once jokingly said about me that I was too happy all the time. he said he imagined me in the car next to him smiling during a traffic jam. Yep! He was right. That's exactly what you should do. There are a lot of traffic jams at work. just keep smiling.

Source: http://www.branditarians.com/i-love-mondays/
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