12 Most Amazing Facts About The Solar System

The Earth is special and unique planet - the only one which there are sufficient conditions for life. So let's love and save the Earth because it is the only plant in our solar surroundings where we are going to live for a long, long time... See here 12 interesting facts.

Our Milky Way contains 200 billion plus Sun(s), stars, and 8 planets of the solar system were formed approximately 4.6 billion years ago.
Right now, while you're reading this - you are traveling on Earth through Space at the speed of 107218 km/h
Distances in the Solar system are measured in AU units (Astronomical Units). 1 Au = 150,000,000 km.
Sunlight takes about 8 minutes 19 seconds to reach the Earth (based on the average distance).
Milky Way contains billions of stars and galaxies, which are located within our Solar system.
The amount of energy the sun emits every second is the equivalent of 100 billion one-megaton nuclear weapons exploding in one second! What a firework!
The hottest planet isn't Mercury (closest to the sun) - it is Venus with the average surface temperature of 462` C.
The sun contains 99.86 percent of the Solar system's known mass and dominates it gravitationally.
It is impossible to land on Saturn's Ring because it actually consists of millions and millions of pieces of ice, dust and rocks scattered around Saturn.
Why can't we feel Earth's spin? As long as Earth spins steadily - and moves at constant rate in orbit around the sun - you as earthly passenger move right along with it. You don't feel the Earth spin because you, the atmosphere, skyscrapers, and everything else are spinning along with the Earth at the same constant speed.
Mercury alternately bakes and freezes, depending on what side is lit by the sun. The sunlit side can reach up to 950` F (510` C) and the dark side can drop as low as -346` F (-210`C).
Asteroids are chunks of rock that measure in size from a few feet to several miles in diameter.

Sources : Wikipedia and NASA.
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