What Gifts You Should Send - Anatomy Of The Perfect Corporate Gift

Have no idea what gifts of appreciation you should give or send your customers and clients? Don't worry the perfect gift exists - and it will do everything your customers would ever want it do to. Here it is, the super gift, in all its glory.

Pen - Because the pen is always mightier than...the pencil.

Calendar - Every time your customer looks at the built-in calendar they will think of your company.

Paperweight - The device all folds together into a massive paperweight to make sure your logo is large enough for you older customers to read.

Coffee Mug - So your company can be the entity responsible for containing the coffee responsible for waking the customer up in the morning.

Thumb Drive - The built-in thumb-drive allows for rapid file transfer.

Pocket tools - No office worker should live life without all the office essentials: scissors, staplers, hole-punch, combo, toothbrush, ruler and more.

Gifts Cards - Your customers can send these detachable branded gift cards to their customers. Spread the love.

Mouse-pad - A trusty mouse-pad with your logo can go a long way - especially if the recipient decides to use their desktop.

Cookies - What corporate gift would be complete without cookies? Not only does this gift come with cookies inside - but it bakes them too.

Inside-out T-shirt - You didn't actually think your customers would ever wear them right-side out?

Stress ball - The heart-shaped stress ball is attached to relieve the most intense anxieties of working CEO.

Magnet - When your fan is done for day, they can stick their trusty gift to the refrigerator.

Fruit basket - What would a gift be if it didn't include a basket of fruit?

Tote bad - It's crucial that fans can carry their branded gift everywhere.

What Gifts You Should Send - Anatomy Of The Perfect Corporate Gift
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