Sci-Fi Movie Gadgets That Actually Exist

Have you ever watching your favorite science fiction TV show and suddenly wished those tech gadgets were real ? In some cases, science fiction technology is becoming a reality. Let see here 6 coolest TV Sci-Fi gadgets that actually exist.


Spiderman was able to climb walls, swing from roofs, and kiss girls upside down in the rain thanks to his altered DNA.
Real Tech : Engineering students from Utah State University have created a gadget that will allow military special forces to scale vertical walls. Though this machine can't jump like Spider-man but this is just begging, we can hope a good one in future.

All knowing Talking Computer

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy featured the beloved all-knowing computer named "Deep Thought", which was built to answer the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life". The Universe, and everything". The answer? 42.
Actual Tech : While it won't answer the Ultimate Question. this real-world supercomputer will kick your butt at Jeopardy. Dr Watson is an IBM computer that can understand questions posed to it, read textual sources, and construct and read back an answer.

Underwater Car

James Bond never had a shortage of gadgets, so when he needed a submersible car to escape the bad guys, that's what he got. Can ya swim?
Real Tech : Inspired from the Swimming Car scene from "The Spy Who Loved Me", Swiss company Rinspeed developed the world's first car that could be driven on land and underwater. Plus it's classy enough for Bond himself.

Jet Packs

Who didn't grow up watching Elroy Jetson zoom around the space-world and wish they could take to the skies too? If modern advances are any indication, some fans never gave up on the idea.
Actual Tech : What started as sic-fi in the 1920's became reality in the 1960's, and has since evolved into more advanced and dependable forms of air transportation, like Rocket Belt piloted by Dan Schlund.

Hologram Calls

When Princess Leia uttered the famous words through a 3-D hologram call, some of us were wondering when this would become reality.
Real Tech : Using Microsoft's Kinect System, researchers at the Human Media Lab at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario developed a life-sized "telepod" that uses a cylindrical display for live, 3D videoconferencing or we you can call it advance video calling.

Self Driving Cars

The Batmobile has long been the object of envy for comic book fans, techies, and, well - people who just love the idea of being chauffeured by their own car.
Actual Tech : Leave it to Google to debut the first fully licensed, self-driving car in the United States. The modified Prius has a special license from the state of Nevada with the words "autonomous vehicle" clearly displayed.

Infographic: Sci-Fi Movie Gadgets That Actually Exist

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