Make Your Dorm Room A Bright And Airy Place

College dorm rooms boast little charm, and students have man ‘customization’ rules to which they must adhere. But take heart there are still ways to trick out your dorm room (or your child’s) so it doesn’t resemble a prison cell.

Make Your Dorm Room A Bright, Decorated And Airy Apartment | infographic
1.Short on space
Square footage is scare, especially if you're sharing your room with more people than were originally intended. Furniture can't be removed. Closets are small, forcing lots of clutter into the open area.

2.Dismal lighting
Most dorm rooms don't enjoy panoramic views and the overhead fluorescent lighting can feel harsh and artificial. Window coverings are either metal blinds or dingy shades.

3.Tight on rules
As drab and lifeless as they are, those cinder-block walls cannot be painted. You can't make major modifications, such as hanging shelves, or drilling holes is the wall. Forget about candles and other fire hazards.

4.Weathered floors
Institutional tiles or carpeting on the floors bear the traces of the alumni who have preceded you.

So what to do? Read on...

Go vertical

1. A set of plastic bed risers can cost as little as $12 and will give you room to stow away shoes, school supplies or out of season clothing, so your room look less cluttered.

2. Door-space is as good as floorspace. An over-the-door shoe organizer costs as little as $10 and will instantly relieve congestion in your closet. If you're not a shoe addict, you can use the extra pockets to store other small accessories.

3. Removable plastic hooks will allow you to make the most of your wall space without violating dorm policies. It will also give some 3-dimensional interest yo your space.

4. Invest in a set of stackable milk crates to help maximize your vertical space and they can be easily moved and reconfigured when it is time to change rooms.

Embrace light and color

5. Since so much of the room furniture, floor, walls) will be set in dull hues such as gray, off-white or beige, opt for bold colors when choosing your bed linens, pillows and small furnishings.

6. A desk or floor lamp will instantly improve the mood of your room, instead of just relying on standard-issue overhead lighting. Browse thrift stores for an unusual lamp (you can top it with a fresh new shade) and you'll have an instant conversation piece.

7. As a substitute for painting, get a few lightweight pieces of canvas and paint them in your desired hue.

8. Get a few graphic cotton panels to hang as curtains to add visual interest to your room and mask ugly institutional window frames.

Get textured

9. Cork boards are common over a desk area of four 12" x 12" tiles costs less than $10. You can place them in a checker board pattern or stripes and hang artwork & photos. Or cover an entire wall for a cool Tuscan textured look.

10. Kill several birds with one stone by throwing down a shag rug. It will cover up a dingy floor or carpet and will give your room a warmer, textured feel.

11. Skip the cheap plastic-framed, floor-length mirror they sell in the college bookstores. Build your own by stacking several smaller mirrors in a vertical line. Shop flea markets, thrift stores and discount shops to create an assortment of old and new, round and square pieces.

Make it feel like an apartment, not a dorm

12. Adopt a houseplant to give your room instant life and color - but make sure you stick to a hearty, low-maintenance variety, such as lucky bamboo, golden pothos or dracaena that will survive that rigors of college life.

13. Storage ottomans will give you a place to seat guests without losing precious showing space.

14. Don't hang a cliche dorm poster. Opt instead to blow-up one of your own photos into a 20"x 30" print for a less than $25 from a services such as Shutter-fly or snap-fish.

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  1. The idea of going vertical is really good. I don't know why, but we all tend to think very much on the horizontal, so food for thought. Thanks!

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