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Nov 12, 2015

LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook: How to Use #SocialMedia to Expand Your Business - #infographic

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Here’s how you can make meaningful connections on social networking sites.

Did you know that 52 percent of adult internet users are on multiple social networking websites?

There's no question that this is the social media age, but if you haven't considered how social media can help expand your business network, you should. After all, almost anyone on social could be your next business connection or partner.

Here’s an infographic, produced by Villanova School of Business, that illustrates how you can make meaningful connections on social media (particularly on  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+).

Key Takeaways:


LinkedIn is specifically devoted to business people and their needs. Take advantage of this by using its search functions to find business connections. LinkedIn Offers a number of different filters for your to use when trying to find connections, such as job title, company, school and more.


Twitter allows you to communicate with anyone else who has a Twitter account, even if you aren't already connected. Use Twitter to connect with people who are influential in your industry. You can also see who they follow; you may consider following those accounts, as well. Be sure to search for hashtags relevant to your industry. This will help you find people that are actively talking about your given topic of interest.

There's more in full graphic, take a peek.
Here’s how you can make meaningful connections on social media

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