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Jan 23, 2014

The Rocket Science Behind Pinterest Engagement - infographic

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How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275 percent - infographic
Ever wondered how brands and marketers are driving thousands of visitors, leads and sales from Pinterest - with just a 70 million users - that can't be done on giant networks like Facebook and Twitter. Well, there are two simple factors working behind Pinterest success - Women and Images. So if you want to get the best out of Pinterest you need to build your marketing strategy around photo oriented platform. Check out the below infographic created by quicksprout delineates how to boost Pinterest engagement by 275 percent.

Key Takeaways from visual:
Visitors who come from Pinterest are 10 percent more likely to purchase products or services as opposed to other social media sites.
If you want to give your Pins a boost, your prices should be listed on images or in the description area or you can apply "Rich Pins" on product pages for that.
Pins that contain a clear "call to actions" are more likely to get more engagement.
It's obvious, if you cover hot news and trending topics you will get a 94 percent increase in clicks.
The rocket science of - How to Boost Your Pinterest Engagement by 275 percent - infographic
How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275%

image courtesy pinterest/blog.

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