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Nov 21, 2012

6 Effective Way To Avoid Getting Sick: Kill Your Flu

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Did you have the flu this year? What about just a common cold or a cough? Miserable, isn't it? What if we told you that you could significantly cut your chances of getting sick just by following 6 simple steps - Things you could easily incorporate into your daily life? OK, put your hands down. It's possible and easier than you think.

Wash your hands 8 Times a day

Why 8 times? Well, you should wash your hands before you eat: 3 Times. After you use the bathroom: We're going with 4 times but maybe you eat lots of kale! And once after some miscellaneous thing/work that gets your hands dirty like gardening, petting a dog, mud wrestling, etc: 1 Time.

Clean or not, watch what your with you hands

The average person touches his or her face 3 to 5 times every waking minute. You can't wash your face 250 times a day, can you? Best to keep whatever's on your hands off your face after you've touched your keyboard or toilet seat.

Stay away from sick people

This is kind of a no-brainer. Do we really need to explain why you should do this? Nope, we don't. You are smarter than that.

Sneeze and cough properly

That's right. There's a proper way to sneeze. And it's simple. When you fell a sneeze coming on, turn away from any people you are within 6 feet of, bring your sleeved arm up to your face (the back of your elbow should be pointing away from you), and sneeze or cough into it.

If you have children, make sure they're vaccinated

Keep in mind that there is no evidence that inoculations cause autism, and other serious allergic reactions related to vaccines are extremely rare. Vaccines have largely neutralized diseases that used to plague Americans, including polio and whooping cough. When was the last time you met someone who had smallpox?

Finally, If you do get sick, stay at home

Yes, we know you're busy. But, do yourself and everyone else a big favor and keep those nasty viruses at home(limited to yourself). It's the 21st century, after all. You can just Skype into that meeting!

That's it! Do those 6 things and make sure everyone else you know does them as well. You'll significantly increase your chances of staying healthy throughout the year and everyone you know will appreciate it.

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