Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#SocialMedia Sizing Cheat Sheet For Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat, Tumblr & More - #infographic

The Complete and Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

"You work in social media, right? Then at some point you'll have uploaded an image to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram that's the wrong size, format, or dimension.
Well worry no more, here's prohibitionnpr's ultimate social network design cheat sheet for you to bookmark."

Traditional Brands Can Also Be Digital Disruptors - #infographic

How Digital Marketers Can Win the War Against Industry Disruptors - #infographic - Snapchat and Uber aren't the only ones innovating in their markets, established global companies like GE, Paypal and Sony are pushing their industries forward as well.  This infographic visually charts a range of strategies to show how these major brands are designing for digital age consumers.

Digital innovation isn't only for start-ups. Consumer expectations and fast-moving trends are causing major, global brands to stop and take note, and responding with programs that push the envelope on both creativity and technology.

A new infographic from Acquity Group, part of Accenture Interactive, details some of these breaking innovations from top businesses across a range of industries.

8 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Template - #infographic

How to create social media marketing strategy

Having a social media marketing plan isn't just about creating a Facebook page or Twitter profile and automating your company updates. There's much more to it if you really want to make the most out of social media when it comes to effectively promoting your products or services.

The key to any social media strategy is to create an experience your audience can participate in with you.

Take a look at this infographic from eventifier that proposes some basic tips for creating a successful social media strategy.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Secrets To Small Business Content Marketing Success - #infographic

The Secrets To Small Business Content Marketing Success - #infographic

In today's highly plugged-in business landscape, having a content marketing strategy is essential for attracting and maintaining an online audience. But how do you keep the attention of web-goers and convert your followers into legitimate leads?
Here's an infographic from RapidAdvance that takes a look at how a great content strategy makes it happen.

Back To The Future: Content Marketing Edition - #Infographic

Back To The Future: Content Marketing Edition - #Infographic

Many people think content marketing is a new idea, when in fact it's been around for quite some time!

"From John Deere's "The Furrow" magazine to G.I. Joe becoming "A Real American Hero" to Seth Godin making eBooks mainstream, content marketing has been gaining traction for over a century."

Here's an infographic from uberflip that will walk you through the history of content marketing.

How To Use Visual Content And Social Media For Customer Service - #infographic

Visual Customer Service in the Social Age - #infographic
This infographic from TollFreeForwarding, visualizes how companies are using social media sites (especially YouTube, Instagram and Vine) to provide guidance to their customers, and looks at why visual customer service is important in the social age.

Perhaps more important the graphic explains seven tip for providing better visual customer service through social media:

1. keep pictures and videos of products up-to-date.

2. provide a steady delivery of valuable content.

3. Be creative and make an impression with your social content.

4. Create a platform for customers to contact you.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Art of Writing Better Emails - #infographic

Bascis of How to Write Better Emails #Infographic

There were an estimated 3.9 million email accounts worldwide in 2013. The majority of daily email comes from business correspondence, accounting for over 100 billion emails sent an received each day.
As the predominant form of communication in the business world, it's important to know how to use it effectively.
This infographic from whoishostingthis takes a closer look at how to write better emails.

18 Tips For Running a Successful Social Media Contest - #infographic

18 Steps To Building a Winning Social Media Contest - #infographic

With the holidays quickly approaching, businesses are beginning to think about their holiday marketing campaigns. In fact, last year it was reported that 50 percent of marketers created and launched a holiday campaign before Halloween. Many of those campaigns will include promotions and giveaways. If you're ready to build a promotion, for the holidays or just in general, ShortStack has 18 tips that can help make your next contest a success.
The tips include everything from setting goals and choosing a campaign builder to creating hashtags for your event and the best ways to promote it to your entire social media audience. Promotions continue to be a strong driver of audience engagement and an easy way to gain leads and sales from a business's online followers.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Optimizing The Event Experience With Social Media - #infographic

Using social media for events [infographic]

Social media has become a major resource for every stage of event promotion. Here's an infographic from tollfreeforwarding and gryffin media explaining how organizers and attendees can utilizes social campaigning to get the most out of their event.

Some key takeaways:

Start with organic promotions: Share event-related blog posts, press releases, images and fliers or all your social profiles. Be sure to mention attendees, influencers and other organizers to attract more attention.

Advertise with paid promotions:
Engage attendees with Facebook ads
Organize your outreach on Twitter
Boost visibility with Google Adwords.

There's more in the full graphic take a look.

Why Is Twitter Monitoring Important? - #infographic #socialmedia

Why Is #Twitter Monitoring Important? - #infographic #socialmedia

Did you know that, average brand's (Twitter Handle and) name is mentioned in 39 tweets per day, and that 27 percent of customers follow a company specifically to give them feedback.

To help persuade brands and businesses that Twitter Monitoring is something they need to start thinking about, and fast, the folks at twilert have collated research from a variety of different sources and put it into this nifty infographic below.