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Dec 3, 2016

Get Organized: 60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Office Workers (infographic)

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Infographic: 60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts To Boost Your Productivity

The QWERTY keyboard and mouse are hammer, wrench and screwdriver to many of today’s workers – the vital tools that allow us to interface with the worlds that we are building. It’s likely you sit at the computer for eight, ten, twelve hours or more each day, and even if you get to work on a variety of projects, the physical action of what you do is repetitive and – after a while – instinctual. But if these instincts include the frequent navigation of menus and sub-menus with your mouse to find the options you need, you are wasting serious time.

A few seconds mousing around here and there soon add up over the hours, days and weeks, yet you can shave a lot of time off the process by learning a few keyboard shortcuts for the functions you use most frequently. All of our most frequently used applications – Microsoft’s Office suite, Google’s Chrome browser and Gmail service, and so on – come with a long list of shortcuts to help you navigate in a fraction of the time it takes with a mouse. You can even change them or add new ones, usually by accessing a panel such as ‘Customize Keyboard’ or ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ through a program’s Preferences or Tools menu.

But if you’re looking to speed up your most common commands, you’ll love this new infographic, which gathers all the popular ones into a single, easy-to-reference resource. Save it you desktop and Command-tab (on a Mac) or Control-tab (on a PC) through your apps to it every time you need to remember a shortcut, and you’ll soon find they become second nature and your pace of work increases substantially. It takes a little while to learn, but with the knowledge that you have a ‘cheat sheet’ with clearly visualized instructions should give you the confidence to switch from time-consuming mouse-clicks to graceful keyboard shortcuts ASAP!

Dec 2, 2016

From Instagram to WhatsApp: A Timeline of Facebook's Acquisitions (Infographic)

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The History of Facebook Acquisitions [Infographic]

Since August 2005, Facebook has acquired 68 companies costing the social media network a total of $23,124,700,000 USD – not including undisclosed payments.

However, this is unsurprising since Facebook has established itself as one of the most powerful social media giants in the world, and it has the user count to prove it. As of 2016, just over 10 years after it’s inception, Facebook has a total of 1.7 billion users.

The below infographic created by TechWyse lists each and every company acquired by Facebook since August 2005.

Some of it’s most memorable purchases include its acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion in April 2012, and Whatsapp Messenger, a mobile group messaging app, for $19 billion – the largest acquisition yet.

Using the infographic, you’ll also be able to see rising trends in the tech industry with Facebook’s $2 billion purchase of Oculus VR, virtual reality technology, in March of 2014. In contrast, some of Facebook’s earliest purchases include Parakey, an office applications/web OS program in 2007, and ConnectU, a social networking site, which it purchased for $31 million in 2008.

While Facebook has not disclosed every acquisition cost, it’s total costs still equals more than the GDP of Fiji, Zimbabwe and Maldives combined! It’s smallest, and first, acquisition was for Aboutface in 2005 for a total of $200K. Since then, Facebook has paid billions of dollars to purchase social networking websites, office applications, travel websites, mobile app developers, software companies, fitness tracking apps and more.

Check out the below infographic to learn more about the companies Facebook has purchased, and determine for yourself which you think were worth the money. Even more, learn about some of the rising and falling trends that have taken place in the tech industry since 2005.

Dec 1, 2016

Sneaky Online Tools to Help You Spy on Your Competitors

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Sneaky Online Tools to Help You Spy on Your Competitors

Being spy in this competitive edge is always an agreeable idea that everyone thinks even before starting a new business. Well, I may be late to discuss this conversation, but I can unveil some of the best information and tools that could help you stand on your competitors.

It is actually a game to know marketing tools that your competitors are already using, let’s play a simple game with the following tools but the condition is you must have known who your target audience are and which keywords they are targeting!

Here we go with some of the best online tools.

Nov 30, 2016

The Ultimate Marketer's’ Guide to Reddit

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The Ultimate Marketer's’ Guide to Reddit - infographic

Unless you have been living on an island with no internet access, you must have heard about Reddit from somewhere or the other.

As they call it,

“The Front Page of the Internet”

The Slogan seems interesting, right?

Nov 29, 2016

Secret Strategy Ingredients to a Successful Branding

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The Secret Ingredients to a Successful Branding Strategy

Do you need your business to thrive? Then apart from a great product, harness the power of branding. Branding is not just for the big companies with bigger budgets. You want to thrive amongst cut throat competition, right? Then even the small businesses need to embrace branding.

Nov 28, 2016

8 Useful Tips To Help You Blog on a Budget!

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8 Useful Tips To Help You Blog on a Budget!

Gone are the days when we used to run blogs for free. These days, the upfront costs for running blogs are like pulling your hair out. Yes, it is THAT bad. There are countless tools involved in maintaining a blog. And it pains us to say that those tools are quite pricey. Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you need to have a frugal plan with you.

So what can we do to run a blog on a budget? In this article you'll discover a bunch of tips that can help you run a blog without any extra greens flying out of your wallet.

Nov 26, 2016

Infographic: How responsive are retailers to consumers on social?

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Are retail brands ready for the social media holiday rush?

Will they keep pace with their customers’ expectations and respond on social quickly?

The stakes are higher than ever for retailers this holiday season, with the National Retail Federation estimating that holiday sales will increase to $656 billion this year. Lithium Technologies' State of Social Engagement 2016 study for the retail industry uncovers how well Fortune 1000 retail brands are engaging with consumers across social platforms. The study reveals that the retail industry did well in interacting with their consumers, providing insights into the products they sold, posting content about getting the most from those products and often linking to promotions that can drive sales. As retail brands seek to garner attention from consumers during the holiday rush, it is crucial for them to engage, listen and respond to customers on social media. In fact, Twitter found that customers are willing to spend up to 20% more with a brand if that brand responds to their social media activities.

25 Ways to Learn Faster (Infographic)

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25 Ways to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More - infographic

So little time, so much to learn... but worry not! If you need to prepare yourself for an exam or need to learn something new for your daily tasks at work, taking a look at this infographic is a great idea. It will help you smarten up on a particular topic in a short time, by only taking into account these 25 smart tips for your mind and your body.

There are so many experts researching the brain and even learning about how to learn can seem a Herculean effort in itself. That’s why the work of all these researchers has been distilled into this handy infographic produced by Writemypapers. The infographic runs through 25 of the most effective ways to set your body and your mind to the task of learning new things.

Have you ever thought that your brain also needs a warm-up before a learning session? Do you use a learning agenda and different learning tactics? If your answer to all these questions is no, it’s time to read these 25 tips to learn faster and better. You’ll learn how to build up practical experience and splitting your learning schedule into chunks. You’ll also read about the importance of giving yourself plenty of time to absorb the information before a deadline. And as you’ve fine-tuned your mental efforts, it is also time for taking care of your body, as this can also boost learning. Studies have shown that getting 15 minutes of exercise can improve your memory and the ability to think clearly...wait no more and take a look at it!

Nov 25, 2016

7 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Use

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7 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Use

If you want to do well on social media, it will require a colossal amount of time, a lot of patience and a treasure of knowledge. If you're able to master these three characteristics, there's no reason you can't separate yourself from the rookie social media marketers.

To make sure you're using your social media time wisely, here are seven social media hacks you should know about:

Nov 24, 2016

Who said Email Marketing is Passé?

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Who said Email Marketing is Passé?

Yes, it is true. Each of us finds it irksome when we keep getting email notifications despite unsubscribing. Things get worse when we find a string of spammed emails from those sites we haven’t even subscribed to. Well, there is one thing we will all agree upon. When it comes to email marketing, not many have succeeded in finding a niche in its marketing strategy. And those who have, are still riding high on its open rate success.

Though it is the oldest forms of marketing, email marketing can never go outdated. It reaches a large number of readers and if it strikes the right cord, brings a tremendous value from click-through rates.

So, what is it that has made only a few to succeed in email marketing and others to fail? What is it that others have missed? Let’s open the secrets from that box and take a detailed look at the factors.