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Aug 31, 2015

The Science Behind the Most Successful Social Media Campaigns & Sharers - #Infographic

The Science Behind the Most Successful Social Media Posts (Infographic)

Do you want to get more shares on social media (especially on Facebook and Twitter)?

This infographic, produced by Express Writers, takes a closer look at the hottest social media posts in history – and how you can be inspired to run a more successful social media campaign yourself!

Aug 30, 2015

A Look At How Advertisers & Marketing Companies Are Using Images Of People In 2015 - #infographic

Shutterstock’s latest infographic shows how demand for images of people is changing to represent an authentic take on every walk of life.

[This is a guest contribution by Danny Groner]

As global demographic trends change, the materials we sign off on and send out into the world must also reflect modern realities by showcasing diversity and inclusion. Shutterstock search and download data reinforces this trend, as companies have begun to re-imagine campaigns and the people they incorporate into them.

Innovation is not purely a technological pursuit; it begins with how we communicate to - and with - citizens across the globe. Thanks to social media and the fast spread of messages, your audience could be anyone, anywhere, any time. International outlets have never felt so close at hand. It's common these days to watch and enjoy a viral ad from another country on YouTube.

Not only have we seen a rapid growth in searches for people of different ethnic backgrounds, we've also experienced a rise in demand for those with a range of identities and realities. Changing cultural norms have begun to penetrate their way into marketing, design, and advertising. What you might associate with a particular brand or product may no longer hold true. We've gained perspective for how others live. Both creatives and executives are looking for and opting for new horizons.

Aug 29, 2015

Devising A Mobile Content Strategy For Optimum Content Accessibility - #infographic

Devising A Mobile Content Strategy For Optimum Content Accessibility - #infographic

Those days have passed when owning a mere website was sufficient for promoting your business products and services. Today, irrespective of the amount of time and effort that you put into creating the website, failure to make your content accessible can make you lose valuable clients/customers. If you surf the internet, you'll come across hundreds and thousands of best websites that are equipped with content that looks great on every mobile device and platform. It is purely the mobile optimization of your content that enables you to reach out to a wider group of audiences.

Well, it actually sounds crazy to create individual content strategies for each and every device or platform that your website targets. Before you fret anymore, here's a solution that will ensure your content is publishable and easy-to-access on every device available today - Development of a mobile content strategy. Continue reading this post as I'll be throwing some light on the growing significance of building a mobile content strategy for assuring that your content looks stunning, is 100% readable and understandable on smartphones and tablets as it is on the typical desktops.

Aug 27, 2015

How To Improve SEO With #SocialMedia Marketing - #infographic

5 Tips to Improve Your SEO With Social Media - infographic

Are you wondering how to leverage social media to improve your SEO results?

"It’s important for social media managers to understand that many of the strategies and techniques you use for your social media marketing campaigns can have an effect on your SEO. The key is knowing how to tackle your social media campaigns with the SEO mindset."

In this handy infographic, produced by Sproutsocial, you’ll discover some tips and tricks to use social media to improve your search rankings.

Aug 26, 2015

4 Ways Blogging Can Contribute To Site’s #SEO Strategy

4 Ways Blogging Can Contribute To Site’s SEO Strategy

According to research, there were around 47 billion web pages in Google index by May this year. For a business trying to stand out from 47-billion page crown to find new business, this is not good news.

Online marketing is all about creating and nurturing meaningful engagement, especially for businesses with longer sales cycles. This means you build meaningful relationships with your page visitors so that they come to rely on you as an industry expert in your field and trust your message. This engagement also attracts search engines to your business.

Having a blog provides an effective platform not only for SEO, but also to enable every brand to build its brand image, increase traffic as well as raise awareness and brand reputation. A blog gives the space on which to regularly provide high-value, high-quality and fresh content for your users. This ensures you always have your visitors coming back, increasing engagement and consequently ranking.

Below are some reasons blogging is critical for any content marketing strategy:

Aug 25, 2015

How to Effectively Use Visual Storytelling In 2015 - #infographic

An infographic outlining how and why marketers should make the most of the 8 second attention span via social with images and visual storytelling tactics

The average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s -- seriously. A recent Microsoft study found that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 (or around the time mobile phones hit the scene) to eight seconds today. In comparison, scientists believe that the goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds.

We are constantly bombarded by texts, tweets, push notifications, ads, Facebook posts, emails and more, and our brains get hooked on all that stimuli. We crave more and more new information, and it can be difficult to pay attention to any one thing for very long. Conversely, it also makes it difficult to hold anyone’s attention for very long. This creates a significant challenge for marketers, whose entire job is to cut through the noise and meaningfully engage with consumers.

Aug 24, 2015

Connect With Your Audience: Your Agile #SocialMedia Marketing Template For Success - #infographic

Connect with Your Audience: Marketing For Customer Connection - Infographic

"An agile marketing strategy keeps your team connected with your audience, and utilizes the newest technology to communicate with them. You have to set goals, execute, measure, and adjust for success.

The benefits of properly communicating with your audience are clear, so check out this infographic for tips on how to keep in touch with your customers in this social landscape, broken down by each platform."

Aug 23, 2015

How To Keep Personal Photos Private On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Flickr - #Infographic

How To Keep Personal Photos Private On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Flickr - #Infographic

"With smartphones and social media, it’s never been easier to share snapshots of your life with friends and family – and sometimes, total strangers.

Don’t let the scare stories put you off – with a just few steps, you can still upload and tag your snaps whilst being in control of who can see what.

Follow the guide below, and you’ll be able to keep sharing while still safeguarding your privacy."

Aug 22, 2015

Automation: How to Get Your Own Social Media Robot - infographic

Automation: How to Get Your Own Social Media Robot  - infographic

2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report reports that 92 percent of marketers consider social media a valuable platform for brand promotion.

What if there’s a pile of tasks to do, but so many social media updates to blast?

How do you maintain engagement without losing your web presence?

Control your online marketing strategy with social media automation. This also gives you more time to prioritize other business activities.

Keep yourself one step ahead by learning the do’s and don’ts of automation tools with this handy infographic from SlideGenius.

Aug 21, 2015

Optimize Prime: A Glimpse into the World of SEO

Optimize Prime: A Glimpse into the World of SEO

In the Beginning…

...there was SEO. In a world with continuous additions and changes, it’s no wonder why search engine optimization can either make or break a company. Today, individuals turn to the internet when they are trying to find something of a particular niche (category). In this article, I will teach you the basics of the SEO world that could help transform your company and make your business explode!