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May 29, 2017

3 Steps to Select Social Networks for Your Content Promotion Goals

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How to select social networks for your content promotion goals [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where does your brand fit into the social media conversation? That’s the million-dollar question, but to answer it you first have to determine three things: your audience, how your content will further your business, and how and where your content will work best.

May 27, 2017

A Do-It-Yourself Guide For Beginners: Creating Shareable Infographics

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A Do-It-Yourself Guide For Beginners: Creating Shareable Infographics

Throughout the course of a single day, the average American will consume about 63 gigabytes worth of new information. To put that into perspective, that's roughly half of ALL the storage space in a new MacBook Air, or just under the full limit of a mid-level iPhone 7.

Thanks largely to the digital world that we're now living in, we're being bombarded by information from all angles. It's really no wonder that we've become desensitized to even the most alarming statistics.

Take the fact that the 74 million richest people on Earth possess 50% of its wealth. It's alarming, but in a day that was probably already filled with statistics, it just doesn't have as much impact as it should. The real meaning is probably lost on most of us.

Until, that is, you translate it into a visual format. Suddenly, the same information is being presented in a unique - and compelling - new way. People can't help but sit up, pay attention and really think about what it means.

That is the sheer power of a well-designed infographic on display.

But it's important to understand that an infographic is about more than just visual communication. It's a format that effortlessly blends together a number of important design concepts into one incredibly effective package.

If you really want to create the types of infographics that people can't help but share, there are a few key (and simple) things to keep in mind.

May 26, 2017

How to Get More Engagement from Your Facebook Fans

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How to Get More Engagement from Your Facebook Fans

Facebook was founded in 2004, and the rest is, practically, history. It became the most popular social media website in the world and provided a plethora of personal and business opportunities to every user. According to some estimates, there are more than 1.86 billion monthly active users, the number of active users increases by 17% each year. What does this mean for you? This social media website can do wonders for your business, and it is a tool that every marketer or business owner should use. Of course, to succeed on Facebook, you have to increase engagement of people who like your page. Keep reading to find out how to do so.

May 25, 2017

How to Improve Visibility and SEO (infographic)

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How to Gain More Website Visibility (infographic)

Is link building still relevant to SEO and content marketing? You might think link building is in the same group as spam, content duplication, and methods to get your website linked wherever you can, even if that spot is a shady ad-filled blog. But link building doesn't have to be this way, and by itself, it's a great way to develop higher search engine rankings and find new customers. You have to approach link building in the right way by finding new places to share your links and removing old sources you don't need.

How many links you have on quality pages directly impacts where search engines rank you. Part of the method search engines use to determine a page's quality is by examining the links that go back to that page. Putting your links on spammy pages is ineffective. Quality links matter; quantity isn't a good substitute. What are some of the best ways to build links? Focus on getting your content posted in other places. Starting a relationship with an influencer, offering to do guest posts on an industry blog, or appearing in someone's blogroll are all great ways for your blog or small business to drive more visibility online.

May 24, 2017

Modern Practices That Are Important For SEO

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Modern Practices That Are Important For SEO

SEO or search engine optimization has evolved hugely in recent years.

In recent years Google updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Fred have all focused on improving the search experience for Google users. The days of kids being able to launch keyword stuffed sites using link wheels are long gone thankfully.

However, this also means that if you are a legitimate site or business looking to increase your visibility and ranking high in Google is more complex than ever.

Given that search engines still generate more traffic than social media SEO isn’t something that you can avoid. Let’s take a look at how you should promote your website in 2017.

May 23, 2017

Want More Social Media Traffic? Follow This 6-Step Blog Content Distribution Plan

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Want More Social Media Traffic? Follow This 6-Step Blog Content Distribution Plan

Traffic generated to your blog from social media is just as—if not more—important as search engine and direct traffic. Today, 69% of Americans use at least one form of social media, up from 50% in 2011. Consequently, your social media posts should not only be compelling but also framed in a way that will catch the eye of your social media audience. Here are 6 steps you can take to ensure that your blog will stand out and generate more traffic from social media.

May 22, 2017

Color Psychology In Branding: Industry Colors Explained [Infographic]

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Color in Branding: What Does it Say About Your Industry?

Colour psychology has become a vital part of branding and logo design in modern commerce. With 80% of visual information from logos coming from colour alone, careful attention must be paid to the message that each choice is likely to convey to the viewer.

This infographic, created by Towergate Insurance, analyses the logos of 520 companies. It identifies their colour preferences and explores the emotional responses that these logos may be designed to provoke.

Moreover, the same colour is thought to generate varying responses depending on the industry it appears in. Take, for example, the colour red. Used in the restaurant industry, it is an attention-grabbing colour and is even thought to stimulate hunger. The same colour used in the airline industry, however, is used to convey a sense of warmth and caring - something that is deemed an essential quality of any airline.

The communication industry predominantly uses blue to promote a sense of clear communication and mental clarity. In the pharmaceutical industry, blue signifies well-being, as it is often associated with cleanliness and health.

With this in mind, it pays to familiarise yourself with the values that your brand considers the most important and choose your colour scheme accordingly.

May 20, 2017

Demographics of the Top 7 Social Media Networks

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The State of Social Media Demographics: 2017 Benchmarks [Infographic]

To get the most from your social media marketing efforts, you have to know your audience. After all, there are 2.8 billion people (including 7 in 10 Americans) using social media—a 22% increase from the previous year. Not everyone is using the same platforms or using them the same way, so here’s some insight into the demographics and usage characteristics for the top 7 social media networks to help you better target your audience.

May 19, 2017

Cell Phones are Serial Killers: What Gadgets Have They Maimed, Mangled And Murdered [Infographic]

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Cell Phone Serial Killer – The Gadgets being Killed off by Smartphones [Infographic]

There seems to be a trend emerging where we can’t be apart from our phones. Really, when you think about everything that a modern smartphone can do this is no surprise whatsoever.

They take pictures of moments we never want to forget, they play music that brings us to our own special place, the guide us when we are lost through satellite navigation and they provide us entertainment when we are bored.

No-one will argue that smartphones are miraculous devices but there rise has come at the expense of stand-alone gadgets and everyday household object.

Some will call this a positive thing - survival of the fittest.

Some will call this a negative thing, they might even say that cell phones are serial killers.

May 18, 2017

It’s Time to Know Your Consumer! Commit This Infographic to Heart

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It’s Time to Know Your Consumer! Commit This Infographic to Heart

Making money is the first goal of a business owner. However, all your marketing endeavors will fall on empty registers, if you don’t understand consumer buying behaviours. If you are trying to connect with and reach a specific audience, it’s time to know your consumer!