Monday, July 28, 2014

A Breakdown Of The 40 Minutes A Day The Average User Spends On Facebook - #infographic

How You Spend Your Time on Facebook [CHART]

According to a new study from Facebook, an average user spends 40 minutes on Facebook on a daily basis.
And this comic/chart from JoyofTech visualizes what exactly we do in those forty minutes.

The graphic shows that much of our time is spent trying to adjust our privacy settings and deciding whether or not "Liking" a sad or tragic post is the appropriate thing to do.

From trying to avoid the ads that appear in our news feed to typing out posts or replies (but then deleting them), this is how we spend our time on world's largest social network.

How to Optimize Your Blog for Content Distribution - #infographic

Here’s How You Should be Optimizing Your Blog for ROI (Infographic)

Your blog is your most important owned property on the internet. If you want your content to make an impact, follow these best practices to make sure it's optimized for maximum results.

According to a BrightEdge Technologies study, blogs with social media sharing buttons generate 7X more mentions than those don't. So make sure you place social sharing button prominently at the beginning of each blog post. Include counters on these buttons to encourage other to share (and help track your social proof). Feature platforms that are most relevant to your audience.

Similarly. including images increases shareability and engagement up to 64 percent (according to OKDork/BuzzSumo). So add beautiful visual content in your posts.

Take a look at this infographic from onboardly that proposes 5 tips on how to optimize your blog or website for content distribution.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Terms, Laws, and Ethics for Using Copyrighted Images on Social Media - #infographic

The Terms, Laws, and Ethics for Using Copyrighted Images on Social Media - #infographic

Thevisualcommunicationguy created an infographic that shed some light on what you can and can't do with online images.

For example: Can you share a picture that you found on social media or a website (or in Google image search)?

The infographic answers that:

"While the laws about distributing images through social media channels likes Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and blog are still fuzzy, it is generally considered acceptable to redistribute an image that was originally intended to be publicly viewed by the creator. This is why you will typically find original images re-posted on blogs, news sites, and social networking sites even if the person re-distributing the images didn't obtain permission to do so.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Global Facebook Advertising Trends Q2 2014 - #infographic

Global Facebook #Advertising Trend Q2 2014 - #infographic #Facebook #socialmedia

With over 1.28 Billion monthly active users globally and commanding approximately 7 percent of the world's digital ad spend; Facebook is a must-buy for any social media marketer. As Facebook continues to grow, it will be even more important for marketers to have a strong understanding of their performance. This insights report from Shift blog provides context around key metrics and verticals based on Q 2014 data and also illustrates trends over the past five quarters.
Use this infographic as a guide to help provide clarity around your Facebook marketing.

How To Build Brand Awareness Through Internet Marketing

How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Company Through #InternetMarketing - #infographic #socialmedia search engine optimization

Are you looking for some effective (yet free) ways to grow your business online?

There are many channels (like social media, search engines, blogging etc.) when it comes to building brand awareness and marketing your products/service on the Internet.

"Naturally, you might be wondering where you should start or what channels you should use to achieve the best results, right?

Sadly, there is no one answer because it varies from business to business."

But fret not.

Neil Patel created a handy infographic that proposes some tips on how to build brand awareness for your company through internet marketing.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Become a Pinterest Warrior: Social Media Marketing on Pinterest - #infographic

Become a Pinterest Warrior: Social Media Marketing on Pinterest - #infographic

Is Pinterest part of your social media marketing strategy?

Pinterest has 70 million active users worldwide.

The social network also generates more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. And when it comes to money per click, Pinterest generates 27 percent more money than Facebook and 400 percent more than Twitter. Because of these numbers, you have no choice but to leverage Pinterest.

And to show you how can you use Pinterest to promote your business, the folks at Emerchantbroker have created a nifty infographic called "How To Become a Pinterest Warrior" that breaks down everything you need to know about the visual based social network - Pinterest.

Millennials Rely On Twitter To Banish Boredom — #infographic

Millennials Rely On Twitter To Banish Boredom — #infographic

Millennials (18—34 years old) say they use Twitter because it brings fun and laughter into their lives. 47 percent agree that Twitter means "laughing" or "a cure for boredom" and when they come across a funny Tweet, 82 percent share it, according to a new study from Twitter blog and DB5.

The study also found that 8 in 10 Millennial users access Twitter on a mobile device, while 6 in 10 tweet at least once a day.

Millennial use Twitter to tell their own stories, 57 percent use the social network to share fun activities and 42 percent use it to share their photos.

Take a look at this infographic that unveils 4 insights about millennials on Twitter.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Inside A Large Social Media Ad Campaign - #infographic

The Lifecycle of a Social Media Advertising Campaign - #infographic

Many large consumer marketers now are spending (easily) millions of dollars annually to promote their brands on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
What does a large advertising campaign look like? To illustrate, the team at SocialCode created an infographic that presents the entire life-cycle of a large social advertising campaign for summertime sweets, a make-believe ice cream brand.

The One Billion Dollar Race: See How Fast Companies Reached A One Billion Dollar Worth - #infographic

The One Billion Dollar Race: See How Fast Companies Reached A One Billion Dollar Worth - #infographic

"Earning a billion dollar in a world where inflation rates are sky high, is no mean feat. For some companies, where it took almost a century to reach the billion mark, there are some who have become billionaire in a matter of months. While it took Mattel, almost 25 years to reach their first billion even after the fact that 2 barbies are sold every second, it took Instagram only about 2 years even though almost 37 percent of the users are yet to upload a picture on it. For the fashion house Prada, it took over 98 years to reach their first billion but for a company like Nike, it took all of 24 years to do so."
Take a peek at this infographic from iforex that delineating how fast tech companies like Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube reached a one billion dollar worth.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Landscape of Social Login Q2 2014: Facebook Widens the Gap - #infographic

The Landscape of Social Login: Facebook Widens the Gap

Facebook continued incremental gains in Q2 2014, maintain its position as the dominant identity provider. The world's largest social network introduced several updates to Facebook Login that, though only in the early stages of roll-out, are boosting its perception. Google+ login also remained relatively steady over the previous quarter while Yahoo! continued dropping to nearly single digits, reveals Q2 - 2014 study by Gigya.