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Aug 26, 2016

Infographic: Facebook Business Manager (For Beginners)

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Facebook Business Manager - infographic

Gone are the days when businesses and companies alike created dissimilar profiles to manage their Facebook pages. The era of taking turns when using one log-in to access a business page has been finally eradicated when Facebook officially launched the Facebook Business Manager in April 2014.

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool that simplifies a company’s use of Facebook pages for tasks such as accessing, managing, and organizing multiple pages, advertising accounts, and applications. It is a common place in which members can perform tasks simultaneously without having to share log-in information.

There are several instances when you should use Facebook Business Manager: handling multiple business pages and ad accounts, working with an agency or client partner, designating page permissions with different access levels to members, and requesting access to other pages or ad accounts.

With Facebook Business Manager, you can assign access to partners and colleagues without adding them in your personal profile. By adding their email address, you can invite or remove members and supervise their activities per section.

This guide is an easy-to-follow tutorial that teaches you the basics and mechanics of Facebook Business Manager – adding a plus point in your venture as a thriving business owner. Learn how to use Facebook Business Manager through this step-by-step infographic, courtesy of Slidegenius.

Aug 25, 2016

Digital Marketing Trends To Look Forward In 2016-17

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Digital Marketing Trends To Look Forward In 2016-17

The overall online spending is growing exponentially due to the constant state of flux in the Digital Marketing landscape, and the marketers are making millions from it. The top-notch are reaching the highest highs of the digital sphere effortlessly; however, there remains a long list of names that are toiling to cross the bar of mere $1000. The question arises- What the best-class marketers are doing that everyone else is failing to attempt?

While we can clearly see the pace at which digital world is growing, one thing is certain that to be ahead in the race, marketers have to adapt the evolving digital trends sooner than others. As we are through with half of the year already, and the marketers have started gearing up for 2017, here are some of the digital marketing trends that will shake up the digital world in coming months.

Aug 24, 2016

4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Expand Your Small Business

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Expand Your Small Business

Building your online business isn’t easy, particularly if you’re a brand new startup. Having a great service or product and the support of the community is great, but if you’re looking to grow your customer base to mid-size level, you’ll have to do more than market within the community.

Many small businesses don’t put much effort into marketing beyond their local region, but those that seek to grow must widen the scope of their self promotion. Growth is impossible without attracting more customers from surrounding areas as well as in your local community.

In order to reach more customers, social media marketing is key. If you build a stronger online presence and show increasing value for your customer base, you’ll draw more potential consumers and improve your bottom line. Here’s how.

Aug 23, 2016

How To Tame Your Task List: 5 Proven Ways To Do It (infographic)

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How To Tame Your Task List: 5 Proven Ways To Do It (infographic)

Are you drowning in tasks and just can’t seem to keep up? Do you ever feel like you could work nonstop but still not make a dent in the list of things you need to get done? You are not alone.

Every day, someone at work is feeling overwhelmed by their massive list of tasks and feels like they’ll fall behind. The good news is that your large amount of tasks most likely means that your leader entrusts you with skills and know-how to get these assignments completed.

With a little time management and organization, you can start managing your office tasks instead of allowing them to manage you. Read on to discover five ways you can tame that task list and become more productive at work!

Aug 22, 2016

Why Brands Can’t Take a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Reaching Gen Z (infographic)

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Why Brands Can’t Take a One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Reaching Gen Z

Marketers are buzzing about how to target the nearly 60 million that make up the digital natives known as Generation Z, and it turns out brands will have to really step their game up to reach Gen Z girls. Insights from a recent Harris Poll study commissioned by Lithium showed that boys are actually far more trusting and less patient than their female counterparts, meaning brands will have to forgo easy copy-paste tactics and try to authentically engage with girls to earn them as customers.

The infographic, created by Lithium, reveals how Gen Z boys and girls differ in their trust of company websites, social networks, paid spokespeople and company experts.

Brands are called to rethink their social media marketing strategies, paying particular attention to how they:

• Personalize their approach
• Talk WITH their customers and not AT them
• Leverage influencers
• Maintain a good mix of organic vs. paid advertising
• Be authentic

An entire generation of customers is on the line – avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach will win Gen Z boys and girls over big time.

Aug 20, 2016

5 Tips to Write Killer Marketing Content

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Today, companies need to produce tons of new content to promote themselves and keep the light on. First, companies have to make sure that their content gets them found easily. From blog posts to webinars, one needs to publish content that helps users find it on the Internet using Google. This will bring traffic and improve search engine rankings. Second, content should get, hold and prompt audience’s attention to take them to action such as clicking a button “Learn More,” making a call, or visiting your store to buy, buy, and buy. This content surely is killer.

In fact, creating killer content is not that easy. If it were, then everything you saw on TV, on the theater stage or read would blow your mind. But it doesn’t happen. Inspiration is not very helpful if you don’t know how to use it. So what’s the solution? Let’s see.

Aug 19, 2016

Increase Social Sharing with Content Marketing

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How To Increase Social Sharing With Content Marketing

Whenever you’re trying to promote a certain product or service, you use social media platforms. You post calls to actions, links to blog posts and articles, and other types of updates that are supposed to attract and engage a huge base of followers. How could you possibly know you’re getting someone engaged? By the likes and shares, of course!

The content you post on social media has a huge effect upon the results you achieve through the marketing campaign. It has to be tailored in accordance with the interests of your audience, and you have to find the perfect tone that will intrigue them to check what’s new on your page every day.

Social media dominance has another aspect, too: you want people to share not only the updates you post on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, but the content from the website as well. You want more visitors coming to your website, and you expect them to share the pages directly through their own profiles. That’s how you know they really support you.

So, how do you start dominating social media through content marketing? We have some tips that will help you.

Aug 18, 2016

How Data-Driven Marketing Fuels Your Digital Campaigns

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How Data Driven Marketing Helps Businesses To Fortify Their Digital Marketing

Creative and innovative thinking help business owners survive in today’s competitive online space. No questions asked!

But, how creative are you? Wait, self-praise is no recommendation. After all, it’s your business, and you can’t let prejudices and biasness come your way.

Nursing the illusion that you were doing it all right won’t produce any fruitful result. If you are dreaming to corner the market, then thinking creative all the time will not help you climb the ladder of success. For achieving the desired heights in business; you have to be a man of few words.

However, before putting your plan into the action, first, you need to do the spadework so that each step you take can go in the favor of your business while outsmarting your competitors. It’s a cruel world.

In the torrent of efforts, have you ever tried to leverage data-driven marketing to uplift your business? If no, then till date, you have missed out on its exceptional business benefits.

When it comes to the digital marketing, leading companies, and experts now have realized the power of data-driven information. Though ROI plays a critical part for enterprises in decision making, still they leverage data-driven research and findings before making any decision.

Let’s explore to see how data-driven information help companies to fortify their digital marketing.

But, take a look at its introduction first.

Aug 17, 2016

The First Social Media To Bring Virtual Reality To Mass Market - Facebook 360 Photos (infographic)

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How to Use Facebook 360 in One Epic Infographic

Facebook users are still trying to find their way around the new 360 photo feature. This was witnessed from the onset when Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement of the release of 360 photos. The comments and questions that asked in Mark’s post was a clear indication that many users did not quite get how it works. This prompted several tutorials to be created in a bid to assist the users to make the most of this interesting feature.

Aug 16, 2016

How to Combine Your Email And Social Media Strategies [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The growing number of marketing channels and their effectiveness divides opinions among marketers. The sexiness of social media and the proven power of email often mean the two channels are seen to be in competition. So, what if you could unite the two by combining your strategies? This infographic, created by Dotmailer, will help you to understand how social and email can help each other out, enabling you to better your brand exposure and results.