Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest - Social Media Marketing Statistics 2014 - #infographic

Being aware of trends in rapidly changing social world can help you build better marketing strategies and choose where to invest your resources.

This infographic from GO-Gulf team illustrates several stats and trends in how companies are leveraging social media to drive business growth.

Here are some key highlights:

80 percent of small and medium sized enterprises use social media sites for their business to drive growth.

99 percent of the top brands have a presence on Facebook.

83 percent of luxury brands have a Pinterest business account.

4 in 10 brands share 1 or more photos per week on Instagram.

How To Apply For A Digital Apprenticeship [Interactive infographic]

How To Apply For A Digital Apprenticeship [Interactive infographic]

Sometimes the only thing that holds us back is ourselves. If you think that digital is a closed sector that is hard to break into, we are about to open your mind.

There are now more than 270,000 companies in the UK’s digital economy. Their revenues are growing 25% faster than their non-digital counterparts and they are on average hiring three more people.

That’s pretty open but, on top of this, there’s already a foot in the digital door for you. Apprenticeships could offer the shoe in that you need. The number of apprenticeships is growing, and they are not just being taken up by the young. Last year there were nearly 900,000 apprenticeships in the UK and 45% of these were taken by those over 25. You can expect more opportunities this year thanks to an additional £170 million being offered to encourage small businesses to take on more apprentices.

So what are you waiting for?

The infographic below from Neomam Studios shows what roles are available, what skills you need for each and how you can best demonstrate you are willing to learn. What’s more it’ll even outline how you can start finding and building relationships with companies who could offer you the chance you need to stop dreaming digital and start doing it.

The digital doors are open. Find out what you need to step up to the plate and step into a career.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Smart Tips For Making An Optimal Blog Design - #infographic

How to make a perfect and engaging blog design and layout that people want to read.

Most web surfers decide whether to leave or stay on a website in less than 8 seconds. So, if you want your site's visitor to stay for longer and consume your content, your website will need to leave a strong first impression.

Take a look at this infographic from Quicksprout that offers some tips on how to design a blog for a better user experience.

9 Ways To Refresh Your Social Media Pages - #infographic

9 Ways To Refresh Your Social Media Pages - #infographic

"It's a good idea to set aside some time once per month to clean up your social media accounts. Taking a step back to re-evaluate and update your current presence will help your brand to strengthen and grow your online marketing efforts in the future."

This infographic from Everypost proposes 9 ways to refresh your social media pages.

Update Bios: Make sure your about us sections are up to date. Regularly update any links and key messages.

Update Logo and Cover: Update your social media profile logo and cover images to represent the current trends and offers and keep your pages feeling fresh for your followers.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The ROI of Social Media Selling - #Infographic

The ROI of Social Media Selling - #Infographic

The popularity of social selling is undeniable. According to Nielsen, social media has become a marketing and sales channel adopted by over 70 percent of companies. However, only less than half of them know exactly how to track the success of their efforts. Do businesses realize the value of Social Selling? What results are they seeing? Can ROI be proved? Find out in this infographic which comes courtesy of Salesforlife.

Colors Around the World: The Top Color Trends of 2014 - #infographic

Trending colors of 2014 to use in your visual design - #infographic
Using a data set of 40 million images, the teams at ShutterStock has created a nifty infographic that illustrates which hues and hex codes have been the most popular, and which are on the rise in 2014.

Color trends in design:

"Some colors are consistently popular (or consistently unpopular) every year, but other fluctuate over time. Beige, for example, has started to decrease in popularity, while shades of gray have begun to climb in 2014.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Piecing Together A Super Social Media Strategy - #infographic

Piecing Together A Super Social Media Marketing Strategy - #infographic

Social media. A battlefield of short deadlines and even shorter attention spans. But help's at hand! An infographic from Axonn presents 10 great stats and 6 actionable tips you can use to develop an even more awesome social media strategy that'll impress your audience and improve your results.

The 20 Best Mobile Marketing Blogs of 2014 - #infographic

The Top 20 Mobile #Marketing Blogs of 2014 - #infographic

Mobile marketing is a dynamic field, constantly evolving as new technology and trends emerge. For any mobile marketer to succeed they must be on the pulse of any news an innovation in the filed.

"This infographic from Neonsms showcases the Top 20 Mobile Marketing Blogs of 2014, each is a must read for any innovative mobile marketer looking for tips, trends, and inspiration on how to run a successful mobile marketing campaign."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Art Of Going Viral On Social Media - #infographic

Your Guide To “Going Viral” on Social Web (Infographic)

For many brands and digital marketers, going viral on social media is a main goal. However, in real the vast majority of their content doesn't enjoy widespread attention.

"It isn't easy to predict what marketing strategies will produce viral content. To be sure, we've seen some blundering attempts recently, but take heart: There are some consistent elements in successful campaigns that your brand can follow."

This infographic from bestmarketingdegrees takes a closer look at the subject of virality and proposes some best practices to make your marketing campaigns more effective.

Bye, Bye, Orkut - Google Says Goodbye to its 1st Social Network on 30th September #Infographic

The History Of Orkut - A timeline Infographic

It has been 10 years since Google ventured into the area of social networking with its first social network Orkut. On the 30th of June last, Google announced it will be shutting down Orkut on the 30th of September. While Orkut is not very well known to the European or even US markets, at one time is was bigger than Facebook in Brazil and India. Interestingly Orkut launched less than one month before Mark Zuckerberg and friends launched "theFacebook" in their Harvard dormitory.

This infographic from oneproductions profiles the rise and fall of Orkut, now destined for the infamous "Google Graveyard" and takes us through its journey from conception to evolution and its final demise. In the end Google wanted to focus on You Tube, Blogger and Google+ which simply had much faster growth than Orkut.