Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Big Influence: A Century of Consumer Purchasing Decisions - #Infographic

The Big Influence: A Century of Consumer Purchasing Decisions - #Infographic

When it comes to identifying cultural trends from the past century, we often focus our attention on what people were buying. What types of clothing. What types of music. What types of food. But there's another side to this consumer story that's easy to overlook. How were people buying? Where were they getting the information they needed to make informed purchase decision. Follow the timeline below to find out.

Insights You Need to Know for Listening to Your Community Worldwide on Twitter - #infographic

Insights You Need to Know for Listening to Your Community Worldwide on Twitter - #infographic - Time to rethink your Twitter marketing strategy
The team at has analyzed 70 million mentions to uncover global trends among Twitter mentions. And result is the infographic below.

Here are some key stats from their study:

The US accounts for less than half of all mentions on Twitter (41 percent).

English is the most used language for Twitter mentions, coming in second in most countries that speak another language abroad.

Friday, September 19, 2014

How To Start A Fashion Blog - #Infographic #Blogging

Your Guide To Starting A Fashion Blog

Fashion bloggers are the trendsetters and taste-makers of today. With new posts updates hourly, blogs have a constant presence that weekly or monthly fashion magazines can't match. Check out the infographic below from Ever-Pretty that proposes some useful tips and trick on how you can use your passion for blogging to become a respected voice in the fashion world.

A picture is worth a thousand words: Fashion is all about the image, so be sure your blog has plenty of photos and illustrations to complement your writing.

Be focused: There are endless niches in the fashion industry (women's clothing menswear, bags shoes), don't try to tackle every aspect, just choose a specific area and become the go-to expert on that topic.

Be social: Interact with popular bloggers by commenting and sharing links. Respond to comments on your blog - make followers feel like they're part of a community. Be sure yo have social media button on each post to make it easy for readers to share - especially Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

There's more in the full visual take a look.

The Small Business Content Marketing Toolbox - #infographic

The Small Business #ContentMarketing Toolbox - #infographic

"Online content has become a mainstay of today's small business marketing strategy. Are you equipped with the tools you need for the job? Here are five essential content types that no content marketer should be without."

The Good and Bad of Social Media Marketing - #infographic

The Good and Bad of Social Media Marketing - #infographic

"This infographic from outmarket explores the notion that social media is a must-have for brands today, but the reality about why CMOs question it and what its true strengths and weaknesses are.

What's the good and the bad of social media marketing? Take a look at the good and pat yourself on the back for making it relevant within your organization. Then, take a look at the bad and follow the three tips to make sure you're demonstrating social’s value and tying it to results:"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn — Social Media Cheat Sheet For Brands - #Infographic

Are you wondering whether or not your company should consider investing in a new social platform?

Then wonder no more.

The folks at Likeable Media have created the below infographic that simplifies all of the pros and cons of the major social media sites, including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Here's are some key takeaways:

Pros: Fans are 79 percent more likely to purchase than on other networks. Contains advanced ad targeting capabilities for massive audiences.

Cons: Low organic reach (pay to play). Saturated by brands, so it's difficult to stand out.

The Timeline Of Social Media Fraud (2003 — 14) - #Infographic

The Timeline Of Social Media Fraud (2003 — 14) - #Infographic #facebook #Twitter

"Social media usage has exploded since the initial days of Myspace. By 2009, Facebook had hundreds of millions of users, becoming the top online destination for connected people worldwide. Networks continue to grow, with 1 in 3 people in the world predicted to use social media daily by 2017.

The birth of social media was a double-edged sword – revolutionizing both the way the world interacts and the way cybercriminals target organizations. This infographic from zerofox chronicles the voracious rise of social media fraud and how you can fight back."

Did I Plagiarize? The Types and Severity of Plagiarism Violations - #infographic

Did I Plagiarize? The Types and Severity of Plagiarism Violations - #infographic

"Are you wondering if you've plagiarized? Here's a quick guide to help show you what constitutes the many areas of plagiarism and how serious each violation is."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Profiling Reddit Users - #infographic #socialmedia

Profiling Reddit Users - #infographic #socialmedia
Knowing your audience is one of the essential steps to any social media marketing strategy. And if your target is Reddit user, you'll want to read this latest Globalwebindex's that will give you a detailed overview of Reddit users.

Some key highlights are:

75 percent of active Reddit users are aged 16-34, just 2 percent are 55-64.

70 percent of active Reddit users are male.

Reddit active users are highly educated: Over half of them have a university or postgraduate degree.

Reddit active users are highly active on Facebook (95 percent), YouTube (94 percent), Google+ (90 percent) and Twitter (87 percent).

7 Steps to Digital Transformation - #infographic #marketing

7 Steps guide to Digital Transformation - plan a successful journey to digital marketing world

"It's now more than twenty five years since the birth of the web, but many businesses are still at the early stages of a long journey to make the best use of digital marketing to stay competitive."

Use smartinsights's infographic to compare how well your business or clients are exploiting their digital marketing and than plan how to take it to the next level.