Friday, August 29, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer - #infographic

how social media marketers use their work day

Wake up, eat breakfast, and strap yourself into your desk! This is where the fun begins. Digital marketers are busy folks, but statistics show that distractions and the lack of structure hurt their productivity and strain their sanity.
Take a look at this infographic by attask, illustrating A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer.

The Impact of Brand Storytelling - #infographic

Translating a brand's identity and promise into meaningful content impacts the relationships a consumer has with a brand. Entertainment media has the ability to uniquely transform transactions into experiences, and has the power to build community, create fans, and connect brands and consumers on common ground.

In today's digital age, people are actively seeking out brands who tell stories. They want to believe in and be a part of something bigger than the brand.
Here's an infographic from playnetwork that visualizes the difference between traditional advertising and storytelling – from a consumer's point of view.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Google X, Project Tango And Android@Home: The Future Just Happened - #infographic

What's really going on at Google's secret lab?

The folks at tollfreeforwarding and gryffin media have produced this awesome infographic that reveals what is really going on at Google's secret labs.

An internet balloon, the robot house assistants, an elevator to space - it's madness, I tell you.

Is There Such A Thing As Social Media Privacy? #infographic

Is there such a thing as Internet privacy? #infographic #Security

The folks at Craigconnects surveyed 1000+ Americans over the age of 18 about their experience and views on online privacy.

Here's what they found:

The majority of Americans believe that social networks like Facebook, Twitter and sites like Google and Yahoo collect personal data such as interests, political affiliation, and purchase habits and target ads and/or content at them.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The State of Social Selling - Adoptions & Results in 2014 #SocialMediaInfographic

The Landscape of Social Selling - Adoptions, Trends and results in 2014 #SocialMedia #Infographic #marketing

Social media has quickly become a top priority for all kinds of organizations. In the past 5 years alone it has gone from "just a buzzword" to a marketing and sales channels adapted by over 70 percent of companies.

Are sales teams adapting to these changes? Is social selling generating the Return-on-Investment that sales people expect? What do experts have to say? Find out the answers and more in this infographic which comes courtesy of salesforlife.

Vintage Social Media - Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn Then And Now #infographic

The history of social networking sites
Ever wondered what the Facebook, Skype, Tumblr and Instagram looked like in 100 or 50 years ago? Then wonder no more.

The folks at zerofox have put together a nifty infographic that illustrates the evolution of social media.

Some fun facts from visual:

If every tweet were a post-it note, a days worth of tweets could circle the globe.

The World Is Smitten With Smartphones And Tablets: Mobile Marketing Matters #infographic

The World Is Smitten With cell phones And Tablets: Mobile Marketing Matters A Lot - #socialmedia

"Chances are you're inseparable from at least one device (...unless you're a time traveler from '99. In which case, prepare for the global disaster of Y2K... just kidding!) Be it smartphone or tablet, you mobile device of choice is a way to socialize, browse, and even shop 'til you drop. So if you happen to have a product or service that you're promoting, you can bet your 10,000 Twitter followers that you better have a mobile marketing strategy up your sleeve!"

This infogaphic from wsiworld looks at how smitten the world is with smartphones and tablets.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Create A Great Social Media Post - #infographic

How To Create the Perfect Social Media Post - #infographic #marketing

Want to know the secret recipe of viral social media posts?

Logikalcode has put together this infographic that offers five simple (yet effective) tips on what makes a great social media post.

So next time you create a post for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or other social networks, keep these points in mind:

How to Get Your Infographic Shared More on Social Media

Promoting Your Infographic that Go Viral on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

Infographics are now the way to share information data and statistics in a way which is easy to understand and simple to share through different marketing platforms. Having a great infographic is meaningless unless you know how to get your message out there quickly, grab the attention of your audience and encourage them to share if for you.
This infographic from highimpact proposes top 10 tips to get your infographic shared.

Monday, August 25, 2014

What Is A Growth Hacker? #MarketingInfographic

The anatomy of a Growth Hacker
Note: This is a guest post by Apostle Mengoulis - Who's a Growth and Content Hacker at GrowthRocks. His aspiration is to share knowledge through interesting and fun content around growth hacking and digital marketing. You can catch up with his latest articles at Growth Rocks Blog.

A Growth Hacker, is something like a super-mutant of the internet marketing era. He is balancing between marketing and engineering, extracting elements from both worlds, always aiming at achieving his ultimate and only goal: Growth!

Trying to define the Growth Hacker, is a hell more difficult than you might think it is (and I thought too), as there is no standard formula of success to use and every product needs a different approach as it comes to its growth. A war takes place in the internet business field, and Growth Hackers are called to choose what their role in every battle should be in order to win.

This infographic, visualizes the main characteristics of a Growth Hacker while presenting some of the most important attributes, skills and also the concept behind his/her mindset.