Instagram's new update will provide more detailed insights to users about their Posts and Reels

Instagram without any doubt is one of the most used social media application in the world. The platform has been a source for many content creators and influencers to make their name and grow and is a great source for them to earn money.

The tech giant realizes the impact it holds in a creators’ life and is extremely thankful to them for their variety of diverse content they bring to the platform and hence it makes sure that users receive the correct information about their shared content, where it is reaching, how many people are saving it etc.

While, such information was being provided before as well, Instagram is now working towards bringing some more detailed insights on the platform making it easier for creators to decide what type of content their audience engaged and relate to most and among what age groups their content is more reached.

The new detailed insights, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, will be brought about in Post, Reels, Story and Live insights, giving a detailed breakdown of everything the user should know about their content and their audience reach. Categories like Impression, Accounts reached and Profile activity would further be divided into many sub categories for the creator’s easiness.

Apart from this, Paluzzi also noted that, Instagram will allow Reel creators to know as to how many times their uploaded Reels have been shared in between friends in the Direct Messages option. While previously details about likes comments, reach and saves were present, it was unknown to creators about how many people share it in between friends. However, this was an important factor to know because a lot of people now send videos and posts directly in chats rather than tagging people in the comments as it gives them a sense of privacy in interaction, so this new tool seems really great.

It is great to see such a huge tech giant like Instagram making sure about even the tiniest of factors on its platform ad bringing changes so that it is easier for creators in understanding and managing their reach. Instagram has a huge following and the tech giant is known to bring about changes which are loved by its users and considering how it still has a long way to go and will remain on the top of the charts we are sure it will be bringing some great features in the near future too and we just cannot wait for it.

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