e-PR Plans Ahead for The Future Amidst Potential Lockdowns

In the United States, it is no secret that COVID-19 cases are on the rise and businesses are beginning to close again, similarly to what occurred back in March. E-PR, an online PR firm, however, has now prepared themselves for the possibility of a mandatory shutdown.

Back in the early spring, e-PR, as many other businesses, were not expecting a state-wide shutdown in New York City. Regardless, they already were prepared enough, as their platform is fully virtual. They offer innovative PR services where clients can log on, create a profile, choose various media outlets, and get in direct contact with them to have content published. If needed, e-PR assists the customer in any communications, and they can also create materials for them.

So, with a fully online service, there is no need for in-person meetings and clients coming into an office. Everything is done digitally, which is not only efficient, but safe. With this increase in COVID cases, e-PR is now more ready than they were before to continue working. They plan on maintaining the clients which they have now, and only plan on gaining more. Since media outlets offer mainly digital services regardless, online advertising will not cease. In fact, it will only grow, as the internet will be the main source of exposure for most businesses.

Their platform is projected to grow in the coming months, as more people are turning away from traditional PR services, which are considered outdated. The future is all online, and with the pandemic, this is becoming even more evident.

Pictured: CEO Yury Mosha.

CEO Yury Mosha claims that alongside working with their clients, e-PR also does not plan on letting go of any workers. In fact, they are expanding their company, so they are actively hiring right now to expand their team. Creatives and marketing experts are welcome there, as many are now unemployed. They are constantly seeking industry professionals, so that they have a team full of the brightest and most capable employees.

e-PR urges their clients to consider online promotion, either for themselves or for their business. Those who have shied away from such advertising in the past may want to reconsider this now. Internet usage will increase in the upcoming months with most people sitting at home, and now would be the time to look into digital publications. E-PR can help clients create a media plan that will grant them the exposure which they are looking for.

e-PR specializes in not only exposure for businesses, but for the creation of personal brands as well. For a business, it is very important that customers can put a face behind the brand. CEO’s can make themselves more personable by creating an image for themselves online, by having publications created about them and expanding their digital presence. This can create trust between the client and the company, and in turn generate more traffic to your business.

Any sort of company can seek PR services, as e-PR has a media base of over 1,000 different publications such as the New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, CBS, ABC, NY Post, U.S. News & World Report, and many more. Alongside news publications, e-PR also works with niche publications that range from topics in economics to automobiles to women to startups to medicine. Eventually, they plan on expanding to other markets such as France, Germany, China, and other countries. If a client is interested in getting their content published worldwide to reach a specific target audience, e-PR is the place to turn to.

In selecting each website, CEO Yury Mosha ensures that e-PR also makes sure that they are checking the domain authority of each publication to ensure that they only represent highly ranked sites. They ensure that an article will be quickly indexed by Google and that your article will appear on the first page on Google.

One may assume that this will be very expensive, however this is not true. PR can often have a stigma that it is a very pricey business expense and that it is not for everyone. However, e-PR proudly offers affordable services. There are many media outlets that are not very high in cost, but they index well on Google regardless. At e-PR, their specialists can work with your budget to help offer media websites that suite your goals. Whether you want to promote a product, a business, or just create a name for yourself, come to e-PR, they are here to help.

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