18 Reasons Your Web-Based Business Should Be Using Gmail (infographic)

Email is a stayer. While new consumer messaging apps, team collaboration tools and social communication customs come and go, on a professional level email is as hardy as the traditional letter: it has a fundamental simplicity and versatility that makes it the bedrock from which these other offshoots sprout.

When you’re setting up communications for your digital marketing business, you want to make sure you choose a service that’s going to be around for the long-haul – and which is not just going to develop, but to lead, developments in the medium.

So whatever misgivings you may have about Google’s use of data or their monopolistic status in general, Gmail is a tool that to which it’s hard to say ‘no’. To help you make that decision on whether or not to go with Gmail, take a look at some of their advanced features: they paved the way with threaded messages, they encrypt your emails and store them on super-secure servers, and Gmail integrates seamlessly with other Google products that your company may be using to co-ordinate efforts and stay on the same page – services such as Calendar, Google Drive and Google Docs.

What’s more, you want your company to grow, and while you may feel most comfortable starting out with a free-to-use service (which Gmail is) it is encouraging to know that you can always pay for a little more kick, by subscribing to their professional G Suite upgrade. Among many other tricks and facilities that G Suite offers, comes options such as using your own domain name for your email address, and adding your own logo to the interface: the kind of pro touches that can make a big difference when you’re trying to turn your brand into a super-brand.

If you’re still not sure, take a look at this new guide to the power of Gmail, which outlines many of the business uses to which it can be put. When you’re building your digital marketing business, you need to make sure you lay the foundations on solid ground.

18 reasons why every company should use Gmail - infographic

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