The Naked Truth About Buying Spam Facebook Likes - #infographic #SocialMedia

The Naked Truth About Buying Spam Facebook Followers and Likes - #infographic
Facebook Likes are the new Viagra! Every day, every marketer receives emails trying to sell him cheap Facebook Likes.

Is it worth it? Are these likes genuine or just crap?

Take a look at this infographic from AdEspresso that reveals the real truth behind cheap Facebook likes.
AdEspresso said in introducing its experiment:
We created 3 identical Facebook Pages. On the first we got likes through Facebook Likes. On the other 2 we bought likes from these shady sellers. Here's the results. While page likes were really cheap from these sellers, they were totally worthless. They generated near to 0 engagement and quickly left the page!
Read more detail in this visual:
Buying Facebook Likes Suck, Here’s The Data To Prove It!
H/t [slideshare]

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