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Jun 27, 2014

Reddit a Force for Good or Evil - infographic

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Reddit a Force for Good or Evil - infographic

Reddit has over 5 billion page views a month making it one of the most influential social media community out there. But do Reddit and its users wield that influence responsibly?

Get your answer in this infographic from pragencyone called is Reddit a force for good or evil?
Reddit a Force for Good or Evil - infographic

Perhaps the most important, the infographic explains some rules to make the most out of Reddit. Take a look at a few of them:

Find the most relevant subreddits.
Use Simple, opinion-free titles.
Post original, informative content.

Dump a batch of links on a thread.
Write multiple posts lining to the same URL.
Upvote your own content or ask others to do so.
React aggressively to criticism of your brand.

Like any democratic forum, Reddit requires a responsible community to police itself. Although some instances of misuse highlight issues in community management, understanding the problems of Reddit ensures it can still be an invaluable resource.

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