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May 1, 2014

Brands On Twitter Are Still Slow In Responding, But Are Getting Better - infographic

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Socially Devoted Q1 Results: Good News and Bad News for #Twitter Social Care - #infographic #socialmedia
According to Socially Devoted 2014 report by socialbakers, brands on Twitter have decreased average question response rate from 14 hours in Q4 2013 to 9 hours in Q1 2014 (means: they are responding much faster). But, still over 10 million user posts ignored on Twitter, that means 1,549,380 direct questions not answered, in Q1 2014.
So why does that happen? Because brands are using dedicated support handles, and the users end up getting no answers when mentioning the official profiles.
Take a look at this infographic that visualize those numbers and more about the demand, speed, and response rates for social care on Twitter, in general and also by industry.

Brands On #Twitter Are Still Slow In Responding, But Are Getting Better - #infographic #socialmedia

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