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Mar 22, 2014

The Top Ten Most-Followed Twitterers Of 2014 - infographic

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The Top Ten Most-Followed Twitterer Of 2014 - infographic
As Twitter celebrates its eighth birthday, the folks at Mashable created an infograph featuring the top ten most popular accounts on Twitter with their very first tweet, ranked by followers, number of Tweets and following.
American actress Katy Perry has taken the lead on Twitter @katyperry, she has 51.3 million followers.
So who's her competition? President Barack Obama, Justin Bieber Or Rihanna, get the answer in this chart.

The Top 10 Most-Followed Twitter Accounts 2014 - infographic
The Top 10 Most-Followed Twitter Accounts - 2014

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  1. Great infographic but it would be nice to see a top 10 most influential Twitter member who is a blogger. Maybe judge based on the following factors: follower to following ratio, retweet %, favorites #, and absolute number of active and real followers (ie., followers have good ratios and retweet %s too).