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Nov 26, 2013

Which Laptops Do Twitterers Want The Most [infographic]

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Which Laptops Do Twitterers Want The Most? infographic
Mobile phones and tablets are all the buzz but laptops still have a place in the conversation. According to a study, we're becoming more likely to have multiple devices that rely on one sole device. It's a combination of laptops, televisions, smartphones and tablets that are starting to enter our homes. The team at LeadSift has designed the below infographic that shows what is the relationship between Twitter and electronics and which brand of Laptops do Tweeters want the most?

Which Laptops Do Twitterers Want The Most? infographic

Key takeaways from infographic
MacBook Pro is the most popular laptop brand among Twitterers.
Apple products account for 54% of all laptop brand mentions.
Less than 1% of these conversation received a response from the actual brand.
4.7% Women prefer PC and 3.6% Mac.
41% affluent people (who own a car or have a house) are more likely to buy a Mac while 27% want a PC.

image by: emmanuelpress

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