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Nov 7, 2012

Key Tips From World's Leading Internet And Marketing Experts

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26 of the world's leading internet and mobile marketing experts share one key tip that helped launch their careers into the stratosphere.

Steve Olsher - The secret to life is identifying your WHAT - That is, the one thing you were born to do - and pursuing it with reckless abandon.

Janet Bray Attwood - When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent that are clear.

Christopher (Kit) Codik - Gain large-scale exposure by forming meaningful relationship with the biggest companies in the game. Expand exposure through the reach of others.

Dean Delisle - Surround yourself with intelligent people you trust, and use their knowledge to elevate your business to the next level".

Mike Filsaime - History has repeatedly shown that initiative combined with incentive begets undeniable results".

Patrick Flynn - Passive income allows you to earn money on a regular basis without significant effort to maintain cash flow.

Kathleen Gage - Don't just work a job. Cultivate a career.

Steve harrison - Too often companies create what they think customers will want. Take the time to find out what your target audience actually needs.

Dan Hollings - Mobile is no longer optional.
Pamela Levy - An effective leader should concentrate on what they do best and enjoy most. Everything else can be outsourced, ignored, or completed by a capable employee.

Mike koenigs - Leverage the 10x10x4 model. Monetizing your expertise by broadcasting your message to the world and establishing yourself as an expert has never been easier.

John Kremer - Marketing is business, not just a necessary promotional tool.

Armand Morin - Create products that make existing tasks easier or automate existing tasks.

Mike Muhney - Apps can be lucrative but must be viewed as a component of overall marketing/branding mix.

Marc Ostrofsky - The riches are in the niches. Do one thing, do it better than anyone else, and get paid extraordinarily well for your specific talent.

Christian Pankhurst - Model those you admire. In the past, this was called plagiarism. Today, it's known as modeling. Don't recreate the wheel. Simply paint it your own color.

David Riklan - Ask experts to share their content. Most have a bounty of articles, videos, and how-to-guides (tutorials) they're willing to provide.

Leslie Rohde - Search is a conversation. Therefore, think about your prospect's queries and create pages that answer their questions.
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Riel Roussopoulos - If a customer takes the time to scan your QR code, give her what she wants.

Callan Rush - To achieve success leverage the Three M's: magnetize, mesmerize, and monetize.

Jennifer Sheahan - Successful Facebook marketers understand that building and maintaining a successful presence hinges on the ability to engage.

Yanik Silver - Reduce your risk and incorporate the '2x2 matrix' model by either introducing a new, or enhanced, product to existing customers or market an existing product to new customers.

Jeff Vacek - Achieving success often requires significantly more giving than receiving. Help first, learn second, promote third, and request fourth.

Christopher Van Buren - A product launch is a proven way to generate a massive number of leads, increase name-brand recognition, and create substantial income.

Jason Van Orden - Seek feedback from your audience and honor their suggestions.
26 Key Tips From World's Leading Internet And Marketing Experts
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